The Virginia opossum has the difference of being both the simplest opossum and the only marsupial local to North America. Colloquially referred to as possums, Virginia opossums have to now not be careworn with arboreal marsupials of Australia and New Guinea which might be also called possums. Virginia opossums are observed in North America east of the Rockies and alongside the western coast of the USA, as well as in Central America. According to the IUCN, the population of Virginia opossums is increasing and they’re no longer taken into consideration at risk.

They Carry Their Young in a Pouch

Just like other marsupials, girl opossums, called jills, take care of their offspring, called joeys, of their pouches. Young opossums are tiny at the beginning — approximately the size of a bee — and are blind, deaf, and furless.Four After a brief gestation period of much less than two weeks, the joeys move slowly into their mom’s pouch wherein they remain for more than one months.

After they leave the pouch, joeys continue to be near their mother, regularly riding on her return for some other few months till they end up completely impartial. Male opossums, called jacks, do not take part in the care of the younger ones.

They Are Always Grooming

While possum removal may appear unkempt, they’re virtually meticulous about self-care. When they’re no longer actively trying to find food or sound asleep, opossums are grooming themselves. Just like cats, opossums comply with the equal sample of licking their paws and wiping their face.5 They clean their entire bodies, from head to tail, the usage of their claws to brush their fur and cast off insects to munch on. Female opossums are especially fastidious about maintaining their pouch easy, specifically when worrying for their younger.4

They Have Natural Immunity

It’s a not unusual misconception due in part to their look that opossums need to be harbingers of disease. But inside the case of rabies, possum removal are not often carriers of the lethal virus because of their certainly low body temperature.6 In comparison to different wild animals, opossums are a good deal much less likely to hold rabies than bats, raccoons, and skunks. However, possum catcher can bypass diseases like leptospirosis or Salmonella to humans via their excrement. And they’re frequent spreaders of fleas to home animals.

While opossums are regularly stung by using bees and scorpions, they have got an outstanding capability to tolerate those poisons.7 And they don’t often catch Lyme disorder, even though they’re regularly bitten by ticks.8 In reality, they typically devour the ticks before they have a hazard to infect them. 

Opossums additionally have superpowers in opposition to snakes. They have partial or overall immunity to the venom produced by means of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and different pit vipers. In order to increase a low-price rattlesnake antivenom, scientists are recreating the peptide determined in  possum removal.

They Provide Free Pest Control

Since their weight loss plan lets them indulge on snails, slugs, and beetles, they can be a welcome addition to the lawn. They also assist ease up resources of pests through ingesting rotting fruit and greens.