There’s another narrative on Netflix called The Tinder Swindler, which recounts the tale of an expert extortionist who acted like a rich man to trick and loot his Tinder matches.

The Tinder Swindler constructs a thorough profile of Simon Leviev (not his genuine name) through broad meetings with a few of the ladies he conned.

The full length narrative is accessible to stream on Netflix from February 2 2022 – here are a portion of the fundamental realities it covers, in the event that you needed to know prior to observing

Who is Simon Leviev?
Simon Leviev’s genuine name is Shimon Yehuda Hayut – he changed his name in 2017 to infer an association with tycoon Lev Leviev, really intending that assuming you at any point googled him it seemed like he may be very rich.

Leviev is from Israel, however escaped the country in 2011 when he was blamed for duping his manager – he later burned through three years in a Falklands jail for isolated charges of exasperated extortion.

Not long after his delivery from jail – around January 2018 – Leviev met his first imprint he conned over Tinder.How did he con individuals?
As you’ve presumably worked out at this point, Leviev found his imprints through Tinder – whenever they’d matched on Tinder and met, all things considered, Leviev would burn through thousands on stupendous heartfelt signals to propose an extravagant way of life.

Following a couple of months getting to know them, he’d let every lady know that he was at serious risk, due to how full the precious stone industry was. He’d show them photos of a companion, beaten and wounded, and say that an endeavor had been made on their life.

Leviev would then request that the ladies give him a Visa in their name, so he could disappear – every lady accepted he truly had cash, and accepted he was really in harm’s way, so gave him the Visa. Leviev would then pile up gigantic bills under every lady’s name.

Basically it was an exceptionally intricate form of those “I’m off yet can’t get to my assets, would you be able to move me a few cash and afterward I’ll gift you much more cash?” email tricks.

How could he be gotten?
Leviev was embraced the plan at such a fabulous scale that he was needed by Interpol in seven distinct nations.

Ultimately, as the narrative clarifies, his activity got excessively huge – a portion of the ladies began to know and remember each other, and neighborhood news media started to cover the story which thus made it more hard for him to effectively pull off the con.

Ayleen Charlotte, the lady Leviev was “dating” at that point, saw these accounts and turned out to be progressively dubious. At the point when he was on a flight she paid for, Charlotte reached the specialists with his subtleties – and they were sitting tight for him at the air terminal when he landed.