The shapewear revolution is here – and women all around the world are singing the praises of this miraculous advance in fashion technology. In case you’ve been living under a rock (a rock located at least twenty miles away from the nearest mega-mall), shapewear is an undergarment that helps shape a woman’s body in the most flattering way. The material slims down “problem areas” and helps put a woman’s curves back where they belong. If you like, you can think of shapewear as a much more comfortable version of the old-fashioned corset – but can be put on without the assistance of two loyal chambermaids.

Shapewear is not what it used to be. These days, women expect a lot from their body shapers! Women want their shapewear to offer support, flatter their curves, and smooth away any bulges. They also want shapewear that looks nice – the kind of undergarment that they won’t feel embarrassed about when they undress. As shapewear thong becomes more and more mainstream, there are trends in shapewear, just as there are in fashion.

Pretty and Sexy Shapewear

As we said above, these days shapewear is not an ugly undergarment that offers support but must be hidden at all costs! More and more body shapers look great and are just as sexy or pretty as any other lingerie item.

The Benefits of Buying Shapewear

There are several very practical benefits to buying and wearing modern shapewear, including:

  • Eliminates the “bulge” caused by bras and bra straps
  • Removes unsightly panty lines when wearing tighter pants
  • Helps flatten out the stomach area
  • Slims down the waistline area
  • Slims down the thighs and upper legs

Of course, the key benefit of shapewear is how it makes a woman feel. Women who wear shapewear feel more confident and positive about their appearance. This great attitude can have a notable impact on work, family, or just about any other aspect of life.

How comfortable is Shapewear?

Wearing shapewear used to be pure torture. Not anymore! Women now demand comfort, and shapewear designers are happy to oblige. In addition to several enhancement levels, you can now choose shapewear in light, breathable fabrics. Even the light shapers still offer plenty of support and a marked improvement in your appearance.

The past several years has seen considerable advances in shapewear design and technology. Now, a woman can slip into her shapewear with ease, and once she gets used to the fit, will barely even know that it’s there. Compression pantyhose are a good example of how far shapewear wear ability has come in recent years. Once considered a sacrifice to wear, modern compression pantyhose are much more comfortable and easier to wear than ever before. Compression hose can be good for your health-promoting improved circulation and better blood flow.

Who should consider Buying Shapewear?

Shapewear underwear is made for any woman of any age who wants to look and feel her best. Shapewear has become very popular with women who have recently had a baby – and gained an additional 10 pounds that have never carried before. Shapewear is also a practical solution for any woman who has battled with certain parts of her body her entire life but does not wish to have full-on plastic surgery to address the situation.

Different types of Shapewear

Some shapewear is modeled after the old-fashioned corset. These one-piece garments are worn beneath a woman’s clothes and flatten her stomach while also lifting her breasts. The effect is one of a more controlled, curvy figure that time or childbirth may have altered.

Shapewear Has Entered Mainstream

Women used to hide the fact that they were wearing shapewear, but with more and more celebrities openly talking about wearing body shapers and recommending them, women now realize that there’s nothing wrong with wearing a shaper. Just like wearing makeup to enhance your best facial features and camouflage small imperfections, a good body shaper allows you to do the same for your body – enhance the best and camouflage your problem areas.

Affordable Shapewear

While celebrities love and endorse shapewear, body shapers are not reserved for the rich and famous. With fabulous affordable shapewear, anyone can now wear a shaper. There’s no need to pay outrageous prices to look good.

The Future of Shapewear

As demand continues to grow for shapewear, so too will advance in the industry. In the coming years, look for new shapewear products that are not only more comfortable and versatile but also more customizable. It is not difficult to imagine an online shapewear business in the future taking a woman’s measurements over the Internet and shipping a perfectly tailored shapewear garment right to her door.