This season, the earth’s largest IT conference Web Summit, held yearly in Lisbon, Portugal, was marked through the participation in excess of 70,000 attendees. As in previous years, not only specialists from the IT sector attended the event, but also CEOs, founders, venture capitalists, investors, politicians, journalists, as well as influencers from the tech world. The Ukrainian pavilion participated in the summit for the second time, and the opening of the Ukrainian sector began with a panel discussion, during which the speakers discussed the challenges of businesses in times of uncertainty. For instance, during his speech, Roosh Founding Partner Sergey Tokarev emphasized the importance of taking care of the system that helps businesses to grow and shape up.

The Ukrainian entrepreneur stressed that business should not only take care of its employees but also of society as a whole, meaning the improvement of public infrastructure, and education, as well as contributing to the development of the international community. According to Sergey Tokarev, this motivated him and his colleagues to create a fully featured tech ecosystem in Ukraine that also included such projects as venture studio Pawa, SET University in Kyiv, AI HOUSE, Reface, and Zibra AI. And the objective of this ecosystem is to turn the country into the largest hub in Eastern Europe for AI/ML projects.

As the businessman noted, even despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdowns, and various restrictions, he did not abandon the idea of ​​launching Roosh Ventures, as he firmly believed that Ukraine was able to withstand all difficulties in the same way that it withstood them and in the past. Let’s help remind you that Roosh Ventures is really a investment capital firm that supports startups on their own formation and development path, enables them to with expert consultancy, in addition to aids in acquiring funding and use of other sources essential for thriving.

According to Sergey Tokarev, Ukraine is a strong and brave state with a character of steel that proved to the whole world what the power of cooperation means. He stressed that the war had highlighted the need to take care of the system that entrepreneurship grows and develops and noted that businesses should remain in Ukraine to help the country prosper because only by uniting can one confront all challenges.

Besides Roosh Ventures founder, Deputy Chief of Party, USAID Justice for those Program Natalia Petrova, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksandr Bornyakov, and Mind of Product Pawa Tetyana Yaroshenko also delivered their speeches towards the summit participants throughout the occasions held through the Ukrainian pavilion. Their presentations focused regarding how to deal with various crises, including individuals stemming in the war, in addition to the way they affected the IT marketplace in Ukraine and the introduction of start-ups in the united states.

Web Summit 2022 occured on November 1-4, and also the First Lady of Ukraine opened up among the largest IT conferences on the planet. In her own address towards the summit participants, Olena Zelenska stressed the invention of recent technologies ought to be targeted at helping people, and never at destroying our already lengthy-suffering world.