Online poker is becoming more and more consolidated in the gambling and entertainment market through different platforms, virtual rooms and agencies. One of the most popular in recent times is Habwin, this platform has become one of the favorite options for users due to the large number of advantages and rewards it offers.

The Habwin poker agency is one of the big bets in the online poker market in recent times. This virtual platform has become one of the most popular specialized poker portals due to the countless advantages and benefits it offers to its players. Habwin is an agency that adapts to the rules and regulations of each country to contribute to a safe game, including functions such as AutoProhibit and JugarBien -which vary depending on each region-, in addition to having the different specific licenses. This gaming operator is divided into three significant blocks comprising Habpoker, Habbets and Habcasino. As far as the poker world is concerned, the agency offers individualized advice to players with a personal reward system, double rakeback and exclusive agreements with each of the rooms it works with. These rooms stand out for their great popularity and the amount of constant traffic they receive, such as PartyPoker,, PokerStars, CasinoBarcelona and Sportium.

Habwin is a platform that allows its players to take advantage of special benefits and rewards for playing with them. The most outstanding ones, according to the global valuation of the users, are the double rakeback system, the redeemable prizes, the geolocalized content and the possibility of accessing the platform from anywhere. There is also the possibility of downloading hands and receiving individualized attention.

The game is rewarded with a double rakeback system.

In addition to the rake offered by each room in question, as is the case of PartyPoker that guarantees a rake of up to 25% to members adhered to the VIP program, Habwin rewards its users with a double rakeback. And is that the double rakeback system with which it works allows users to reach up to 43% of the total invested. As regular players and experts point out, this is one of the greatest advantages of this platform. Moreover, as Habwin’s managers explain, thanks to the double rakeback system and the exclusive agreements they have with the rooms they operate with, this also allows them to offer the best cashback level in the market.

Wide range of prizes and rewards to be redeemed

Another of Habwin’s most outstanding features are the Habcoins. These points, or coins, allow users to accumulate tokens for competing and participating in the different tournaments and modalities and add them up to be able to exchange them for different prizes, such as special poker manuals, table games and many other options. “On the off chance that you play with your record made through HabWin you won’t just get the standard advantages presented by each room, we likewise give you an extra, the HabCoins. The HabCoins are our money, with it you can make buys in our web-based store, the HabStore”, determine from this office spent significant time in poker, gambling club and wagering

Habwin’s promotions and rewards go beyond the redeemable prizes. As one of the preferred operators of the main poker rooms, they have the possibility of offering different promotions and exclusive tournaments to players. Habwin has agreements with each of the rooms it works with.

Access to geolocalized content adapted to the regulations of each country.

It is well known by poker players that each country has its specific legislation focused on the regulation of the game. This influences, above all, the requirements, but also the promotions and offers. Habwin is a platform that operates in the international market. Unlike other international operators, Habwin offers geolocalized content which allows players to enjoy an experience adapted to each country, without incurring incompatibilities and problems, and with the possibility of being able to enjoy the specific promotions of each area according to the IP address.

A responsive software to play comfortably from any location

Although to date this poker agency does not have an app, Habwin has developed a cross-platform software that adapts perfectly to any browser and device. It is for this reason that it is possible to access the services offered by the agency from anywhere, regardless of whether it is a tablet, a cell phone, a laptop or a desktop computer.

You will never forget your plays with the option to download the hands

This is another outstanding feature of this gaming platform. With Habwin, users have the possibility of downloading hands to know what were the last moves and moves made while competing against their rivals. However, in order to be able to download all the poker hands played, it is a prerequisite that the tables have been played in the last 15 days in one or more of the rooms in which they operate.

A player-oriented platform and personalized service

Finally, as most of the opinions of Habwin’s regular users and poker experts agree, this agency offers 24/7 individualized attention for each player. “We advise you any time you need it through the contact form, the web chat or our social networks,” they express. They are aware of the difficulties that the player may have to contact some poker rooms, so they offer themselves as a solution to answer any questions that may arise and to advise what is best for each moment of the game.