It may seem to be difficult to form a company in Singapore. This post will demystify the Singapore company registration process by walking you through it step by step. An expert is required to ensure a successful outcome.

Get Familiar with the Necessary Steps for Forming a Company in Singapore

In Singapore, a company can’t be incorporated without at least one shareholder. The corporation may decide whether the shareholder is an individual or another corporation. You may have more than one shareholder if you choose. A Singapore private limited corporation is restricted to no more than fifty shareholders. Keep in mind that if all shareholders are located in a different nation, the company might be owned 100% by foreigners. As a part of the Singapore company incorporation it is important.

Choose a Legal Form for Your Company and Gather Necessary Documentation

The next step in setting up shop in Singapore is deciding on a legal framework for the firm. Here is a rundown of the most vital inquiries you must make of yourself:

Who will be the corporation’s stockholders, and how many of the corporation’s shares will each shareholder own? Establishing a Singaporean subsidiary means that the parent firm, whether it foreign or local, will be the sole shareholder. You and any other investors you can round up to back your startup will automatically become shareholders.

According to the laws regulating Singapore company registration, the corporation founding the company is obligated to collect personal information and background facts about the company’s planned shareholders and directors. The company is then obligated to verify this data. The following are some guidelines for the kind of papers that might suffice to meet this requirement. For starting a business it is important.

Verify that Your Company Name Meets All Requirements.

In order to have a company incorporated in Singapore under its own name, the firm’s name must first go through a separate approval procedure stipulated by the local law. If you follow these steps, getting your desired name approved should be a quick procedure.


It is illegal to use a name that is the same as, or confusingly similar to, that of an existing company in Singapore.


A name may only be reserved by one party at a time, hence it couldn’t have been reserved by anybody else.

Absence of Trademark Violation

The name can’t conflict with any trademarks or copyrights that aren’t owned by you or your business.

For your convenience, we streamline the process.

As soon as you hire us to set up shop in Singapore, we’ll start working on filing the paperwork necessary to have the name you’ve chosen for your company officially recognised. If your preferred name is already in use, our team will look into potential alternatives.

Legal Documents Need Your Signature.

Once the name is authorised, the following documents must be drafted, signed, and filed with ACRA:

  • Filing for incorporation Articles of Association of a Singaporean Corporation Registration of a Company charter from Singapore. If you like, you may use ACRA’s recommended template for a Singapore corporation’s bylaws.
  • In order to establish a company in Singapore, directors’ approval is necessary.
  • Every current director of the company has given their blessing to remain in their role. Our staff will create this paperwork for your company.
  • For your convenience, we streamline the process.

We’ll draught all the necessary paperwork as the incorporation agency you’ve chosen. At this time, all that is needed of you is to visit our online portal, review the documents there, and digitally sign them.