Presidium praised the 73rd Republic Day with colossal energetic enthusiasm and energy through an internet based stage. A plenty of exercises were coordinated to inject the soul of solidarity, fraternity, and enthusiasm among the understudies. Presidians observed Republic Day in the entirety of its gravity and magnificence at the Virtual Platform. The understudies invested wholeheartedly in commending and praising the soul of solidarity and fellowship. They made an Indian tricolor banner as an art action and furthermore enlivened a corner in the house with tricolor inflatables and eco-accommodating rangoli. The understudies were additionally sharpened about the National Bravery Awards which are given to kids from everywhere India for their worthy demonstrations of boldness. The understudies partook in the PowerPoint show displaying the set of experiences and meaning of Republic Day followed by a persuasive talk by class educators featuring the obligations and privileges of residents.