Obtaining residency in Ireland has become a lot easier with the availability of the Ireland Immigration Investor Program, which was established in 2012. This program was developed to provide opportunities to individuals and families with a high net worth to obtain residency in Ireland. However, you should note that this program does not provide permanent residency, although the residency permit can be extended if the investors meet appropriate terms and conditions. Yes, the Ireland Residency by Investment provides five years residency citizenship, but as mentioned, if the required terms and conditions are met, one can extend the years and even obtain permanent citizenship. The Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) in Ireland is one of the most attractive ways for individuals to obtain residency citizenship in Ireland and access to other European regions.

Let’s try to understand more about obtaining residency in Ireland through the Irish Immigration Investor Program:

Who is eligible for this program?   

To be eligible for this investment program, individuals should have a high net worth and make sure to meet all the requirements. The applicants should not have any criminal conviction, they should be of good character, and follow through with all the required necessities. The individual should have the capability to make successful investments depending on the program requirement.

The advantages of obtaining residency through the Irish Immigration Investor Program:

It Provides the only passport that grants you access to both the UK and EU: Ireland is an integral part of the EU and has a travel area agreement with the UK. This makes the Irish passport the only passport that allows the holders to work, study, and travel in both the UK and EU. Once you become an Irish citizen permanently by following the required regulations, you can also get social security and health benefits if that’s what you wish to obtain in the near future.

Include adult children in the application: Most investment options have a certain age limit when it comes to children. However, an Irish Investor Visa can include children under the age of 24, or as long as they can show that they are still financially dependent on you, are full-time, and are not married without a permanent partner. So, this program gives your children the option to study in Ireland.

The Process Of Getting The Residency Is Quick: You will generally receive a residence permit within six months of a successful application. There are no age requirements, business education, management skills, education, experience, or language. However, do check the eligibility criteria before applying for the program.

Here are some other advantages of applying for this program and obtaining residency in Ireland:

Fast-growing economy

Ireland was the EU’s fastest-growing economy and the only country that did not see a negative GDP in the first year of the pandemic. This is not surprising given that it is home to some of the world’s most successful tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Intel. It has a fast-growing economy which is the main attraction to many investors.

High standard of living

The UN or United Nations ranks Ireland in the very second place in the world for quality of life in its annual Human Development Index. The report considers indicators such as health, education, income, equity, and home safety.

Final words

The IIP is a great option for anyone with a business interest in both the UK and EU. Ireland is an ideal home base to start your business and take advantage of the networking opportunities offered by it. So, find a service provider to get started with your Irish citizenship investment program and see as other opportunities unfold.