Manage your NYCC tickets clearly in our Fan Affirmation focus! Here you’ll find the NYCC tickets you’ve purchased or have been alloted to.

This is the mystery.

You’ll at first need to sign into your Fan Ver account. If you don’t have even the remotest clue about your login, mercifully snap Neglected to recollect Your Mystery expression to reset it.

Whenever you’re endorsed in, you’ll see your NYCC ticket demand. If you had a sidekick or relative buy your ticket and consign it to you during checkout, you’ll see a green bar at the most noteworthy mark of the page.

Welcome to your Fan Ver focus! The screen catch above right as of now is simply showing tickets under this record.

Expecting you see green bars at the most noteworthy place of the page, you’ll have to go in and recognize those tickets that have been alloted to you.

At the point when you recognize them and it’s confirmed, DANCE! You’re all set to go to NYCC 2022.

Expecting you at this point have a ticket for that day given out to you — either considering the way that you bought the ticket yourself or because someone else recently consigned you to a ticket for that day and you recognized it — you’ll get the bungle on the under screen catch. If this happens, you’ll have to decline the trade as you can’t have more than one NYCC ticket every day alloted to your name.

Yet again when you’re at the presentation page for your Fan Check focus point, you’ll see a section called My Trades.

This is where you’ll find moves you’ve recognized (meaning someone given out you to a ticket and you recognized it) or gets you’ve transported off your mates (you’ve consigned someone to a ticket and they’ve recognized or declined it).

You can click Adjust or VIEW to see the nuances for each trade.

Exactly when you click Move Things, you’ll be brought to a page where you can add your buddy’s email address. You’ll potentially do this if a sidekick you bought the ticket for didn’t recognize your trade since they can at absolutely no point in the future participate and you really want to give the pass to another buddy.

Right when a trade is impending, was declined, was dropped, or was recognized and powerful, you’ll get an email from ShowClix.

Accepting for the time being that you’re trying to consign an ally to a ticket and they at this point have a ticket for that day given out to them, you’ll see that your trade is impending. Try to gather your equity contenders and keep consistent over any trades with the objective that your friends are enduring or declining them as required.