One of the most popular schemes devised by scammers in recent times is the use of unknown phone numbers to prey on unsuspecting victims. NumLooker mitigates this risk by ensuring that its users can access a reliable reverse phone lookup service whenever needed to curb the possibilities of an infraction.

At one point or another, everyone has experienced telemarketers bugging you down with exhaustive sales pitches on products that you don’t need. This can get tiring. NumLooker may also help you curb this challenge, as you’ll be able to effectively avoid such callers by conducting the research required to find the identity of the caller and block the number.

Phone lookup services like NumLooker help the hapless victims of these barging callers, whether they be scammers or impulsive telemarketers keep their peace and maintain a certain level of control over the calls they choose to receive. 

What is NumLooker

NumLooker is a leading reverse phone lookup service designed to obtain identifying information of unknown callers. As a leading service, it has several unique features that endear it to avid users of the service. Some of these features are:


A truly herculean challenge for most elder persons and people with little understanding of the technicalities associated with mobile devices these days have to do with spotting shady phone calls, emails, e.t.c

In recent times, ease of use has become a priority in most human applications, and NumLooker does exactly this for its users. NumLooker offers a seamless user-friendly experience when looking up unknown phone numbers. This means that pretty much anyone who can read can use this tool.

Extensive database

With over 12 million annual phone number lookups on NumLooker, the service proves itself as an industry leader in this regard. When users input a phone number in anxious anticipation, it can be disappointing for search results to come up empty. 

An extensive database ensures that a large percentage of phone number lookups on the online utility get verifiable results.

Free service

NumLooker is a leading reverse phone number lookup service that offers free phone lookup services to its users regardless of location. The service is currently available in most of the U.S states.

100% Confidentiality

When searching for the details of an unknown caller, the idea is to remain incognito such that the unknown caller has no idea that they are being checked. NumLooker avails its users of this opportunity as it allows users full confidentiality.

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

The functionality of a reverse phone lookup isn’t exactly rocket science. The reverse phone lookup works with a simple principle.

Thanks to increasing security measures, features such as two-factor authentication now require the use of mobile devices, and by extension phone numbers. This means that phone numbers are gradually becoming a form of identification for our online footprint. 

To signup on to any website these days, you’ll be required to provide a functional phone number. This phone number will be verified with a code sent to the said phone. This means that social media profiles, dating apps, emails, and search engine user files can be linked to our phone numbers.

Now let’s take a look at a summary of how a reverse phone lookup works.

  • Inputted phone number is checked across an extensive database

When a user inputs a number and clicks the search button, the reverse phone number lookup service searches for the number against all phone numbers stored on the database to provide adequate results.

  • All information on the number is displayed

Now all the information linked to the inputted phone number is displayed on the screen. Certain fields may be burred out as they may be available to only premium users.

Why is NumLooker the best reverse phone lookup service? 

NumLooker remains one of the best reverse phone lookup services in the industry today, and for several valid reasons. Some of these reasons include the following.


NumLooker is currently available in all states of the United States, making it one of the few functional reverse phone lookup services with extensive coverage. This also translates to a wider range of data capturing as the company seeks to meet the growing requests of its users resident in all states of the U.S.


NumLooker is notoriously fast at generating verifiable results on searches, and while this feature seems rather mundane, it can be quite important in emergencies. 

Premium service

Sometimes, users may require more information on a potential scammer or abuser, especially when children are involved. The free reports provide adequate information, however, additional information never did any harm. With the premium service, you can have access to dating profiles, social media pages, and even high-definition photos associated with the number.

How to Use Phone Search Services in NumLooker? 

The operational concept of NumLooker is simple. It includes three major steps in a particular order. 

Get the unknown number to be looked up

While this seems rather straightforward, you may be surprised to realize the sheer number of reverse phone lookup users who fail to get the correct phone number, or worse still go ahead to search for the wrong phone number and pay for a premium search result.

To avoid such issues, simply copy and paste the number after verifying with the source.

Input the number in the search box

Now that you’ve verified the phone number, you can now input the number in the search box following the sample template highlighted in the search box. It is once again advised that users copy and paste the phone numbers to the search box as this mitigates the risk of missing out a digit.

Click ‘search’ and await the results

All you have to do now is click the search button, and await the results. Note that certain aspects of the report may be blurred out if you’re a free user, however, you should be able to get the much-required information without a premium search payment.

While the premium search offers more information, the basic search is just enough for most users.


NumLooker offers a wide range of services, however, its reverse phone number lookup service is a popular one among enthusiastic users as it allows them to get insights on unknown callers, scammers, and abusers, thereby helping users to remain a step ahead at all times.

NumLooker is currently available in all states of the U.S.