13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series about Hannah Baker. She commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes explaining why she did so. Many people have asked if this is actually true or not. 

13 Reasons Why a True Story is what people are asking after watching the Netflix series. It is based on a novel of the same name by Jay Asher, but is it true? We will explore some thoughts to answer this question!

We know that Hannah Baker is fictional character in the show, so she could not have left tapes explaining why she committed suicide. The other characters are also made up for entertainment purposes only and do not represent real life individuals. However, there were many things about high school life that seem realistic enough for us to consider if there is truth behind them or just fiction added into watch movies streaming free.

There was an episode where Alex Standall’s dad physically abuses him when comes home drunk from parties at work. This is a scene that is difficult to watch, but could it be based on a true story?

One of the things that makes this show so captivating is how well the producers were able to blur the lines between what is real and what is fiction. We want to believe that everything in the show happened as it was portrayed, but we can’t help but wonder if some scenes were dramatized for entertainment value.

It’s hard to know if 13 Reasons Why is a true story. There are some things in the show that seem like they are real, while others may not be. The book on which the show is based was written by an author who went to school when he was young like the people in the show.

What is your opinion about 13 Reasons Why? Is it a true story or is this just another TV show that is made up of characters and events for entertainment purposes only? Let us know what you think in the comments below!