Mental health conditions are subject to a lot of misinformation and stigma. One such condition that is widely misunderstood amongst the masses is ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Debunking these myths surrounding ADHD is important to not only change people’s mindsets of the condition but to dispel any stigma around it.

Myths about ADHD

ADHD is not a medical disorder

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, and very much real. It is generally diagnosed among children and teenagers, but ADHD in Dubai amongst adults is also common.

Only young boys can have ADHD

ADHD is commonly attributed to young boys, as baby boys are more active. They tend to exhibit hallmark symptoms of ADHD, like hyperactivity, more often. Moreover, it is also easier to take note of the more disruptive symptoms of ADHD.

However, ADHD is not specific to boys. Girls also can have ADHD, albeit the presentation of the symptoms is different. They tend to be less physically hyperactive, but they are just as emotionally charged.

Moreover, adults can also be diagnosed with ADHD. Their hyperactivity is lesser than those in children, but restlessness, inattention and impulsiveness are still present.

ADHD is a learning disability

ADHD is misunderstood as a learning disability, which is not. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Unlike with a learning disability, understanding language and different subjects is not the issue; people with ADHD can be great at studies, but the issue of focus, organization, and attention.

Children with ADHD can grow out of it

Another common myth is that children can grow out of ADHD. However, that is not true; the condition can be managed but not cured entirely. Moreover, transitioning into adulthood can transform some of the symptoms, but they are present, nonetheless.

ADHD is a result of bad parenting

A myth that is extremely insensitive is that ADHD is caused on account of bad parenting, which makes those with children with ADHD feel worse about themselves.

However, there is no truth to this myth. Children exhibiting signs of ADHD are not a consequence of them not being disciplined, but due to their condition. On the contrary, if they are forcefully disciplined, it can aggravate their symptoms.

ADHD can be caused by sugar consumption

Even though too much consumption of sugar is bad for health, it does not lead to ADHD. While sugar rush can certainly aggravate the symptoms, the condition itself is not caused due to sugar consumption.

Adults with ADHD are losers

It is also commonly misunderstood that people with ADHD cannot achieve anything in life. They are losers, because of their condition. However, people with ADHD can achieve anything they want. Of course, they have bigger challenges to surmount, but that does not make them a failure.

Unfortunately, this myth can do a lot of damage to their perception of self, causing them to develop low self-esteem and self-worth. It then has a grave impact on mental health then as well, meriting then the intervention of an expert, whom you can consult Fitcy Health, and choose from its over 200 professionals.