Counterfeit Covid immunizations are springing up, with the initial two cases in Mexico and Poland, drug goliath Pfizer said on Wednesday.

In Mexico, around 80 individuals supposedly paid $1,000 each for a shot that was promoted as Pfizer’s antibody for COVID-19, as per the Wall Street Journal. In Poland, a man with vials of what seemed, by all accounts, to be hostile to wrinkle treatment was making it look like an antibody; he was gotten before any shots were directed, neighborhood specialists told the WSJ.

“Pfizer has recognized fake adaptations of its COVID-19 antibody in Mexico and Poland,” the assertion said. “We are aware that in this sort of climate – filled by the straightforwardness and comfort of web based business and namelessness managed by the Internet – there will be an expansion in the pervasiveness of misrepresentation, fake and other unlawful action as it identifies with antibodies and medicines for COVID-19.”

The assertion focused on that, “no genuine immunization is sold on the web,” and said the organization’s working with “governments, law requirement, medical services suppliers and others to battle this illicit exchange.”

Pfizer, along with Johnson and Johnson and Moderna, are the three essential makers of COVID antibodies. Each of the three are working with law implementation universally to police counterfeit antibody dispersion.