Ensure Your Brand is Easy to Find with Mobile SEO 

A few years ago, Google announced they were shifting their focus to a mobile format and rewarding websites formatted for easy viewing on mobile phones. They had recognised the growing reliance on phones as the most popular internet connective devices. 

In rewarding mobile-compliant websites, Google was simply giving all the branded websites a little nudge to help them recognise the growing trend in communications and encourage them to get with the times. Many brands scrambled to re-format their website into one that was viewable on mobile screens. But with this global change in user viewing habits, mobile SEO also became a necessity. 

Mobile Viewer Friendly

Changing your website format to one that is mobile-friendly will attract a lot more customers and potential customers to your site. Your site suddenly becomes visible and easy to navigate to the majority of users. But with this sudden visibility comes a need for comprehensive SEO to ensure that your site retains all the speed and navigable features it’s always had. 

Changing formats is the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at your website. If it’s had the same layout and features for a while, it might be worth updating the graphics and content of the site to capitalise on all the new mobile viewers it will attract. 

Look at Your Site from a Mobile Viewers Perspective

It may be that you’ve always viewed your site from a PC in your office. But that’s not how the majority of internet users view it these days. They’re viewing it from wherever they happen to be at the time they happen to find your site. They may be in a mall looking at some of your competitor’s merchandise and want to do a little comparison shopping. They may be tired and hungry from a day of shopping in your restaurant’s neighbourhood and looking for a place to eat and rest. 

These scenarios point to a different type of use that’s more immediate and informational. You should look at your site and determine whether it addresses the needs of a mobile user from their perspective. 

Are all your products easy to find and browse on a mobile device? Is your restaurant listed on Google Maps with a description of the food and prices? These types of questions are the ones you should be asking yourself when you change to a more modern mobile format. 

Let Primal Help You Make the Change

Primal is an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency in Malaysia that can help you change to a mobile-friendly format and supply a monthly SEO programme. We can help combine your digital marketing with your new mobile format to present a seamless and welcoming website for potential customers who want to know more about your brand. 

We can look at your website from the mobile user’s perspective and add features that answer their questions. Choose Primal when making the change to a mobile format.