During my Book of Common Prayer this week’s reading, I was influenced by an idea. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before now, as it’s simple. I’m sure you’re thinking, was a victim to resist temptation within Eden. Garden of Eden. He had everything needed to prevail. He heard the voice of God warning him that Eve and Eve could take a bite of any tree in the back to eden gardening method, excluding that Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was such a warm tone in that statement, yet, the Deceiver employed it to deceive man into rebelling.

God wanted mankind to be in harmony and peace with Him for the rest of his life. But God wanted us to make a choice and not be forced. Unfortunately, we made the wrong choice. The Father reacted responsibly. He permitted us to choose to stay away from Him, and therefore He had to offer a means for us to decide to be a follower of Him. To achieve this goal, He needed another Adam. Adam would be an Adam who could not accept any temptations that the Devil would throw his way.

According to the Bible, Jesus was known as “the second” Adam. Therefore, the period Jesus was at the Wilderness was a Garden of Eden do-over. Adam, as well as Eve, were lured by the fruit.

When she discovered this fruit was great for food, and also pleasing to the eyes as well as beneficial to gain wisdom, she picked a few and consumed them. She also gave her husband a portion, who was also with her, and he took it in.  Then she was enticed by desire what is a garden bathtub to taste the fruit. It was tempting. Jesus was tempted to eat bread after having fasted for forty days. The Lord was hungry.

Then, the story informs us that she noticed the fruit desirable to gain wisdom. She wished to be similar to God. It’s not a bad idea. Since we are supposed to emulate Jesus? The problem is that God claimed that she was already just like Him. Adam and she Adam were made by Him. They believed in the word of the serpent over God’s. Jesus had also been enticed in this manner after He was shown all the world, and Satan declared that he’d offer the world to Jesus in exchange for His willingness to praise Jesus. The truth is that everything in the universe was part of the Father, so it was a part of Jesus also.

Jesus was tested in many ways, but He could ward off the adversaries by relying on God’s Word. Jesus is the first Adam. He was successful and restored life to humanity. I’ve never made any connection in Jesus his wilderness experience with Eden in the african blackwood most expensive wood in the world of Eden before.

When we begin our journey, we often believe that everything we see in the world around us is accurate and that everything else we can’t perceive is a figment of our imagination. Since the beginning of time, as we grow, we’ve been told about this fantastic area called the ‘Garden of Eden’. The site where everything began, and this is the place where heaven was born. We indeed search for the outdoor paradise that is the Garden of Eden. We venture to the farthest regions of the globe in seeking this garden. However, we fail repeatedly to find a paradise that is The Garden of Eden.