If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, your sun sign is Virgo. According to astrology psychics, it’s currently your season to shine. If there’s a Virgo in your life, you may wonder how this secretive Earth sign tics. Here are five key traits of Virgo, the elegant powerhouse of the zodiac. 

Find Comfort in Consistency

Virgos love a schedule, a checklist or a game plan. Anything that can help organize and streamline their day is more than welcome; it’s a comfort. While other signs might feel stifled by this level of control, to a Virgo, it’s a crucial sense of safety. 

Being organized and doing lots of work behind the scenes are how a Virgo seems to glide through life. However, this tendency to over-prepare can lead to personal problems. Virgos may try to schedule others who may not be receptive to such intensive “help.” Virgo can also tire themselves out trying to control the uncontrollable or figure it all out on their own. 

Loyal and Genuine

Social relationships of all stripes are important to a Virgo, and they’ll often use their powers of calm and organization for good deeds. This honorable sign will remember birthdays, pick up chores, volunteer and hold up their end of the bargain.

Having a Virgo in your life means you have a pillar to lean on, so be sure you’re appreciative and helpful to them in return. Love and relationship psychics can help you learn how to best treasure a Virgo partner. 

Eye for Detail

Virgos care deeply about the little things. They tend to be perfectionists at work, at home and with themselves. Learning new things often comes easier to this sign because they’re so observant. 

Sometimes, a Virgo has a tendency to miss the forest for the trees. This sign can become so focused on optimizing small details that they lose sight of the larger point of their work. Virgo also gets down on themselves over minor errors. If this perfectionistic streak gets especially bad, they can unleash their critical eye on those around them with less-than-stellar results. 

Strong Work Ethic

Virgo is an Earth sign, and like Taurus and Capricorn, they know how to get things done. The steadiness of their element allows them to power through difficult tasks. Since Virgos are quick to help and even quicker to schedule every minute of the day, they often need a reminder to rest and take care of themselves. 

Favor Indirect Communication

Virgo is named after the constellation of the Virgin and has a buttoned-up sense of propriety. This sign will keep arguments to a minimum, smile through an insult and won’t always voice what’s on their mind.

This stiff upper lip makes a Virgo great in public-facing or official positions, but it can prove a hurdle in close relationships. Be sure to check in on your favorite Virgo and state explicitly that they can tell you the truth. 

Virgos have many qualities that can lead to success, but it’s important for them to keep a sense of perspective. The best psychics can help a Virgo plan their way through the season.