Men, especially middle-aged people, have the right to take Kamagra and think it’s their time. Today, men’s problems with erections and gender are mostly due to lifestyle, not illness. Stress, obesity, lack of performance, cigarettes … you can list for quite some time. 

I won’t mention this because it’s so accepted. The cause of the problem is important in determining the proper amount of medication that we should take. You need to consult your doctor to be completely confident that you can use this medicine and at what doses, especially to find out the list of contraindications, especially at pharmacies this medicine can only be purchased by prescription Because.

Pill packaging and dosage to take Kamagra correctly

Tablets, as a rule, contain 100 mg or 50 mg of active substance, sometimes 25 mg. If you don’t know your dose, and the cause of your problem, it’s stress, or obesity, or just inefficiency, and this should never be exaggerated. In many cases, 25 mg is more than enough. Higher doses may not be needed, and instead of having fun, they can be stressful. With small doses of drug, erectile dysfunction may be accompanied by a constant influx of blood into the penis, and excess drug delays this process, and the onset of erection increases, which causes stress and uncertainty in men. cause. Everything should be modest.

Kamagra actually works, but it’s not the apparent method for all accounts. Nothing happens in itself, it requires erotic stimulation both physically and mentally.

The effect of the drug lasts up to 24 hours, but this does not mean that our gems are always on high alert. Erectile dysfunction does not work without stimulation!

Sometimes after taking Kamagra, there is an opinion that the world can be seen in naked shades. But this is a myth! If this happens, it can only happen after overdose. Erectile dysfunction does not work immediately. As a general rule, it is recommended to take the medicine one hour early. If this was a hearty meal, you should extend this time. But that really works! Alcohol intake is not recommended as it reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

The myth is that the acquisition of Kamagra is very complicated. It is only advisable to see a doctor for serious contraindications associated with cardiovascular disease, heart disease and diabetes.

Kamagra and other medicines for erectile dysfunction should not be used by young people as their bodies can cope on their own. Middle-aged men, if you have problems with erections-they should choose the dose of this medicine. Successful application will have a significant impact on the male spirit. Successful sex occurs when a person is relieved of stress and fatigue, and then he will discover that no medication is needed. If you have an illness that causes erectile dysfunction, you should use medications like Kamagra, and you should feel 100% human.

Overdose of Kamagra is dangerous, you need to know how to take Kamagra

Kamagra – Viagra, whether the original product from Pfizer or a drug from another manufacturer differs only in its brand name and price, the quality of the drug does not change. Kamagra and its alternatives belong to the group of medicines that support the efficacy of men.

Talk to your doctor before you start using it as it may have side effects. During a conversation with your doctor, you may sometimes indicate all the illnesses you have, as well as chronic illnesses, including the medications you are taking, those that are available without a prescription.

Information about a man’s health and chronic illness allows doctors to find out if a person is at risk of drug incompatibility and if it is life-threatening. In a meeting with your doctor, you can choose the right dose of drug, taking into account the individual needs of the patient. If you don’t need it, you don’t need to take too high a dose.

Use the original Kamagra or its analogs-generics should adhere to the doctor’s recommendations regarding the number and duration of pills. You cannot exceed a given dose, because it causes the severity of side effects and does not enhance the effectiveness of the drug.

The remedy Kamagra and its alternatives cannot be used after the expiration date. As a rule, taking a pill containing 50 mg sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient is recommended about 60 minutes before sexual activity of sexual nature once daily.

The dose of the drug can be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg-depending on the patient’s health in people with impaired kidney or liver function. Like a young and healthy man. The medicine cannot be taken more than once a day. The medicine should be taken with a small amount of water. Do not take alcohol or citrus juices while using the medicine as they weaken the effect of the medicine and cause serious harmful complications. The use of Kamagra by women is strictly prohibited. Kamagra is forbidden to young men under the age of 18.

Recently, patients suffering from myocardial infarction, stroke, severe liver and kidney violations, and patients with symptoms of coronary heart disease cannot use Kamagra. People with cardiovascular activity problems or low blood pressure should not take medications containing sildenafil citrate. This poses a danger to your life and health.

Sildenafil citrate enhances its action, so patients treated with compounds that help excrete nitric acid and other nitric oxides cannot use drugs such as Kamagra or its alternatives. Stroke, especially stroke.

Kamagra is a highly effective drug designed to completely treat erectile dysfunction. Its constituents cause additional blood flow to the genitals, prolong and strengthen erections, and contribute to increased sensation during orgasm.