The administration of the public can be a reflection of the management of a country. Administration can do this by using their powers rightly. In other words, we can say that the right use of position is necessary. Moreover, you can say that the public administration is responsible for society’s development. We know that public administration is using policies and laws to protect the community.

However, they are also answerable for the care and health of the people they are helping. In this blog, we will highlight the public administration’s involvement in homeless people’s rights for Write My Dissertations For Me UK. Furthermore, it is one of the duties of public administration to work for the benefit of homeless people.

Public Administration Involvement

We all know that homelessness is a major problem in the whole world. Meanwhile, this problem is leading to damage to human rights. Public administration is serving communities to bring positive change to society. We know that this department has the skills which can help to manage different government levels. These include federal, local, and state levels. Following are some of the roles of public administration. These will help to analyze their involvement.

Application Of Public Policies

This department applies the different policies for public passing by the law of the state. This can also apply the relatable policies by different authorities to improve the life of the common man. Furthermore, these policies can also help to maintain the rights of homeless people. The department of public administration applies order and laws to keep the dignity of the community.

Let’s say that if you are homeless, it will affect your self-respect, social bond, and your whole life. However, homelessness can also affect access to sanitation and water, security, health, and good treatment as a human.  As per the observation, we can say that public officials have taken several surprising measures. They are responsible to ensure that people have access to safe housing, nutritious food, and medical treatment.

The department analyses this all under the current national emergency. Meanwhile, considering the epidemic, officials are also confronting several moral problems and concerns. Public officials are also focusing on their desire to serve the public regardless of the level of government they work for, but they may be limited by the policies and procedures of the federal, state, or municipal governments they serve.

Other Policies

Moreover, there are many other policies that public administration departments can use other than order and law. These policies include economic policies, regional policies, educational policies, state policies, national and environmental policies, and health care policies. The department can use them to help the homeless people of the country.

Let’s have a look at some methods by which the department can involve in helping homeless people. Since there has to be a national policy of housing implemented by public administration. It must reflect the active discussion and involvement with the people who affect it. These include the homeless, the people living in poor places, and local people. Furthermore, the department is appreciative to measure the whole space of housing insecurity and homelessness in their area.

It is clear to all of us that the department of public administration is receiving rights from the government. These rights are giving them the authority to work for homeless people. Local, state, and federal officials are all responsible for their rights. The public official has their involvement in fulfilling the needs of those people. They can give them recommendations as per the policies and their rights.

Moreover, public officials can manage the issues faced by homeless people. However, the fact that the public administration offers a policy through law. The state gives specific help to all its civil units and assistance organizations. The policies of the public administration department are playing an important part in homeless people’s rights. The department can give awareness to people about them by conducting seminars on this topic.

Specific Method

This method is discussing to the practice of creating and speaking diverse objectives of the department. Moreover, the public administration is taking action to achieve this. Since they are passing a new public policy, therefore, they will need to defend it.

This new policy can have an impact on the old policy. Furthermore, it is not the responsibility of the public administration to give houses to every person who is finding themselves without a home. But it is the responsibility of the states to ensure that everyone has a shelter to stay in.

These places must be secure, comfortable, and financially easy to handle. We can also say that providing contact to emergency housing is suitable as a short-term solution to homelessness. Meanwhile, it will affect the human rights necessities if this life becomes permanent. In a meantime, an article of law in public administration forces the responsibility to ensure the rights.

Moreover, with the help of these laws, the department can benefit the homeless people’s rights. People are helpless and they have to live on the streets. Especially for long periods and on regular basis. However, it will not only compromises their health but will also compromise their ability to lead an honorable and decent life.  

Furthermore, alternate methods of providing houses to needy people are also adopted by the public administration department. Department of public administration is working to protect the right of homeless people. They are doing this by following the laws of government.


By concluding the whole scenario describe above, we can identify the importance of public administration. We are also able to consider how much it is important in protecting the rights of homeless people. In conclusion, the department of public administration can achieve successful results by providing the best services.

We are learning through this piece about the rights of homeless people. This learning can help us to Do My Dissertation For Me UK work in the future. This piece is helpful for us as students to look into the laws of the state.