Being a Muslim recitation of the Holy Quran on regular basis provides concrete evidence on the day of judgment. Because Quran Pak is the source of bringing light in our lives and a way to talk to Allah. Every single letter and Surah recited from the Holy Quran will proclaim to Allah on the judgement day to forgive the one who recited it. However, reciting the specific Surah for a particular intention can benefit you in many ways.

Surah Al Kahf is the 18th Surah in Quran Pak that holds greater significance. This Surah is about the people who believed or suffered and acquired salvation by following Allah’s commands. It is recommended to recite this Surah on Friday because it gives you Noor and forgiveness from Allah. In this piece of creation, you’ll get to know about the importance of reciting Surah Al Kahf on Friday in detail.

Significance Of Reciting Surah Al Kahf On Friday

Friday is considered the sacred and glorious day for Muslims and reading Surah Al Kahf is included in the to-do list of Jumah doings. Reciting this Surah is a must on this day because it can serve you with enormous benefits. You will be enlightened until the next Friday if you’ll recite this surah in between the Zohar and Asar prayer but it is best to read this Surah on a Friday night. Let’s explore the usefulness of reciting Surah Al Kahf on Friday.

1. Give Noor

Reading any Surah from Quran Pak provides the Noor to the Muslims but reciting Surah Al Kahf on Friday holds exclusive significance. This is because, on the day of resurrection, the person who recites this Surah will be guarded by the illuminated light. 

Reading this Surah every Friday will glam up your face and your heart and mind will be filled with Iman. It is narrated that this surah will be the finest shelter for the Muslims that will specifically recite it on Friday.

2. Forgiveness From Sins

Reading Surah Al Kahf guides you in many ways, particularly when you read the Quranic commentary in Urdu and English. Allah promised the Muslims to forgive the sins if you get to read this Surah without skipping any Friday recitation.

It is narrated that “Whoever will recite this Surah on every Friday, there will be a light shining from the soles of his feet to the sky till the day of resurrection. And all of his sins will be forgiven between the two Fridays. ” 

3. Protection From Dajjal

If you want to avoid the Dajjal fit, then you must read the first and last ten verses of Surah Al Kahf. you will be protected from the fit of Dajjal if you read this Surah on a regular basis. From being protected from Dajjal’s fit, you must read the Surah from the beginning of the letter Al-Kahf.

4. Emitted Light Between Two Friday

As a Muslim, everyone wants to go to Kabbah to visit the House of Allah. They can look for an Best Umrah package from Uk to perform Umrah at lottrips. But not everyone can afford to go there. There is a narration about reciting Surah Al Kahf on Friday that the light will be emitted between two Friday. If you recite it every Friday, you’ll get a light emitted between yourself and Kabah until the next Friday.

5. Important Life Lessons

If you will read the translation of Surah Al Kahf in your language, you’ll be amazed by the important lessons this Surah teaches us. You’ll learn to be patient and get knowledge to endure hardships.

Moreover, this Surah tells the people to have faith in the only creator of us (Allah SWT). There are four stories described in this Surah that are beneficial for you to learn important life lessons, one of which is saying In Sha Allah before you are going to perform any task. 

6. Protection From Poverty

If you’ll recite the Surah Al Kahf for a particular reason like having patience with the hardships of life and ask for help from Allah, it will surely help you. To keep yourself from avoiding poverty and having a halal Rizq at home, reciting this Surah is the best. You can get a double reward from Allah in this world or on the day of judgment by reciting this Surah regularly.

7. Affirming The Faith

This surah protects your Iman and keeps guiding you to have patience whenever you face difficulty. Surah Al Kahf tells Muslims to ask for Allah’s help only in the ups and downs of life. It assists you in relieving the pains and affirms your faith in Allah. The stories mentioned in this Surah are a great lesson for the Muslims as each story has a lesson to learn.

To End Up!

Surah Al Kahf covers the story of believers of the ancient time who suffered from many hardships but they trusted Allah and accepted the message and truth delivered to them by Allah. Reading this Surah on a Friday night can protect you from Dajjal and poverty. The one who will recite this Surah will gain a double reward and Allah will forgive his sins. It provides the doors and affirms your faith in Allah and Iman. Besides that, it provides the Noor and light will also shine for anyone who’ll keep reciting Surah Al Kahf on Friday.