I was driving down the freeway after a long day at work when a drunk driver going 80 MPH swerved into my lane. I tried to maintain control of my car as I could feel the wheels losing touch with the pavement. My car rolled twice and crumpled against the guard rail. I have major injuries to my back, and several fractured ribs, and I may have suffered a concussion in the car accident. What do I do after a car accident like this?

Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatic, life changing events that if not handled with the proper care and expertise, can negatively impact the rest of the victim’s life. That is why it is absolutely critical that the victims of automobile accidents follow these steps to minimize recovery time and maximize the compensation for injuries sustained in the accident. Zlibrary

Guarantee your safety 

By turning on your hazard lights and staying in your car until all traffic has cleared the scene of the accident. If you suspect that you have sustained a spinal or back injury, remain secured in the car and contact the paramedics for immediate medical attention. Often times, victims of car crashes exit their vehicle and sustain further injury from another motorist or themselves. This can increase your recovery time and keep you from enjoying your life. Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles CZ.Law

Collect Personal Information 

From all parties involved; this includes contact and insurance information. Contact information as well as testimonies from witnesses of the car crash is extremely useful in giving the jury or insurance adjusters a better understanding of how the car accident took place. An experienced car accident attorney can use witness testimonies to help you recover the compensation you deserve following a car crash. You should not contact the opposing party’s insurance carrier without first consulting with a top notch auto accident attorney. Insurance adjusters are not looking to give you the compensation you need to complete your recovery.

Seek Medical Attention 

For all injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident. If you do not receive timely medical care for injury in a car accident, then your recovery may take longer and the value of your claim may decrease. Well seasoned motor vehicle accident attorneys are connected to some of the best medical facilities around, so contacting a local automobile accident attorney for a referral may be useful for further treatment.

Retain a Car Accident Attorney 

To represent you in your personal injury claim. Often, victims of motor vehicle accidents attempt to pursue the claim on their own, only to find themselves in a deeper hole than they found themselves in originally. Determining the value of an automobile accident claim without the expertise and experience of  personal injury lawyers can be nearly impossible. Between assessing future medical expenses and lost wages, along with the potential for in home care, the value of an auto accident claim should be calculated by an attorney with years of experience.

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To increase your car accident settlements, there are several steps you should take at the crash scene. By following these steps, you can pay for your vehicle damages, accident injuries, medical bills and miscellaneous related expenses.

The first thing you need to do is:

Be Calm

This is simple but really essential.

You were just in an auto accident and your adrenaline is high. Become irritated and screaming at the other car driver is really not going to fix your vehicle or make you less responsible for the crash.

Don’t dispute with the other driver. The damage is done. Direct your attention to what needs to be done next, which is….

Call the Police

Immediately after an accident you should call 911 and inform them you were involved in a collision. Tell them the place that the accident happened and if you need an ambulance.

Get Other Car Driver’s Information

To get compensated for your damages, you will need to get the other driver’s information.

Go to the other driver and write down the following details:

*Name and Driver’s License Number
*Car License Plate Number
*Name of Auto Insurance Company and Insurance Policy Number

You should always confirm the insurance policy isn’t expired. If the name on the insurance policy does not match the car driver’s, ask for insurance policy holder’s name and direct contact information.

You’ll use this important information to contact the other driver’s insurance company and begin an auto accident claim.

Once you have all the driver’s information you should…

Take Photos and Notes

You should use your cell phone or digital camera to take lots of pictures of the car accident location. In addition, you should make quick notes about how the accident occurred. As time goes on, your memory about the accident will fade. You want to record as much important information as possible in case you leave out a critical detail. Try to put in writing as many details as you can remember.

For example, at what time did the car crash occur, where were you driving to, how fast you were going etc.

You can then use this information later to explain to the police and insurance companies how your car accident happened.

The next thing you should do is…

Locate Witnesses

Finding people who saw the car wreck happen can validate your story. Talk to the people at the auto accident scene. Ask them if they saw how the accident happened. If they are prepared to help you out, make note of their names and direct contact information.

Speak with the Police

When the police arrive, they will take you and other car driver to one side to ask questions about the accident.

Once the police have talked to everyone they will file an accident report. This report will contain important information about the accident that you can later use in your car insurance claim.

For example, the report will describe how the accident happened, a description of the road conditions, traffic violations, names of witnesses etc. You should get the officers badge number and ask them when can you get a copy of the car accident report.

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Call the Insurance Company

Once everything is sorted at the accident scene you will need to contact the insurance companies. Call your insurance company first and let them know about your car accident. Then if you feel the other car owner was to blame, call the other driver’s insurance company to start a claim against them.

Start Your Car Accident Claim

After you have started your accident claim, you will have to begin gathering and documenting critical information that will help get you get compensated for any car damages and personal injuries.

If you want more money from the insurance companies, you have to reduce how much responsibility you get for the car accident. The less fault you get, the more money you can get from your auto insurance claims.

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