The effect and durability of easy fan lashes are inseparable from the glue, because everyone’s skin is different, and it will also cause different results due to objective factors such as absorption, weather, and environment. For example, on rainy days or in summer when indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity are high, the surface of the glue dries faster than the interior. For the best eyelashes, you can contact Dose of Lashes for the best deal. When the glue cannot be air-dried well, the newly grafted eyelashes will appear white, so what should be done?

First of all, let’s understand why the lash adhesive will whiten

1.The process of the special lash adhesive condensing from liquid to solid will produce a white substance if it encounters water vapor, which will be attached to the eyelash adhesion part and visible to the naked eye.

2.The graft was not properly pre-treated or touched with fingers after pre-treatment.

3.There are still gel remover, cleaning liquid, etc. left on the eyelashes.

4.The customer sweats, or sheds tears and other secretions during the grafting process (during the grafting process, warn the customer to 100% close the eyes during the grafting process, and be sure to wait until the grafting is completed, and the small fan blows for 3-5 minutes before the glue is completely dry. eyes open).

5.After the grafting is completed, the glue is not completely dried, or the surface of the glue is completely dry, and the inside may not be completely dry.

6.Wash your face, bathe, swim, etc. within a few hours after grafting, and the water will stick to it.

What should I do if the lash adhesive turns white?

1.Thoroughly clean and dry the customer’s eyes before grafting.

2.Appropriate amount of glue should be used during grafting (special attention should be paid to the grafting of glue with strong adhesion).

3. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer after grafting (especially in the rainy season and summer).

4.Do not touch with your hands after grafting, also to prevent the whitening of the glue caused by moisture on your hands.

5.Do not allow any moisture to stick to the eyelashes within 8 hours after grafting.

Precautions for the Easy fan lashes

In order to prevent the Easy fan lashes from falling off prematurely, the movements should be gentle when washing your face.

1.Avoid using oil-based makeup removers and waterproof cosmetics.

2.If the eyelashes become messy, do not pull the eyelashes with your hands, just use the eyelashes to comb them.

Try not to use any eyelash tools after grafting Easy fan lashes, as mascara and eyelash curlers will cause false eyelashes to fall off.

Glue sealing method

After each use of lash adhesive, hold the bottle body and gently weigh it down on the workbench a few times, so that the lash adhesive at the mouth of the bottle flows back to the bottle body, and then squeeze out the residual glue and excess air at the mouth of the bottle. Wipe the bottle dry and tighten the cap to prevent the bottle from clogging next time you use it.

Storage with air in the bottle will cause the glue to deteriorate. When wiping the mouth of the bottle, do not use cleaning pads with solvent or moisture, and paper towels to remove debris.


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