The Indian pharmaceutical industry is 3rd in the entire world. Medicines are essential for humans. Additionally, it’s an investment that is profitable to invest in, particularly following a pandemic when people realized the importance of health.

But, in the current pharmaceutical industry, you can profit by opening franchises for low-cost pharmacies. Because these franchises are established, you will only require a small amount of money to begin and can earn significant profits quickly.

This article will help you learn how to start a pharmacy franchise in India, affordable medical franchises for retail stores in India, and some of the most popular pharmacies in India you can join.

What Is a Pharmacy Store?

A pharmacy, referred to as a medical shop, is a shop that sells pharmaceuticals and other products that are related to the medical field. In contrast to drug stores that solely sell pharmaceuticals and other items, pharmacies also sell other items, such as baby and feminine products.

A typical pharmacy would be situated in the community’s commercial area. A pharmacist is responsible for the execution of prescriptions for medical treatment in the pharmacy. They are also accessible to assist the customer regarding medication, other over-the-counter drugs, and health and wellness-related concerns.

Affordable Medical Store Franchises in India

Sanjeevani Pharmacies

It is among the most reputable Delhi pharmacies that was founded in the year 2015. This pharmacy provides homeopathic, allopathic, and ayurvedic remedies. Sanjeevani company offers medical, over-the-counter, and generic medications that can be used in everyday medicine-associated procedures.

The advantages of opening a Sanjeevani franchises in medical stores include:

  • When you start a Sanjeevani franchise, you’ll always have supplies, as it will ensure that you are stocked with every prescribed medication in stock. When a new product is launched, it is first made available to franchises.
  • Sanjeevani Company Sanjeevani Company gives necessary training to inform its employees about new medicines on the market.


When Medzone Pharmacy began operations in Bangalore, it was funded by Ethix Healthcare. Medzone is now considered the most renowned medical shop franchise in India, serving hundreds of customers daily.

The main benefit unique to Medzone Pharmacy is that it offers Ethix Healthcare products to its customers for a reasonable price. These are the benefits of opening the Medzone store in India:

If you open a Medzone pharmacy, you can sell other products.

The cost of establishing a Medzone pharmacy is very low.

Tata 1mg Franchise

In 2015, the company was founded 2015 by Prashant Tandon Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan; in 2015, 1mg began as an online pharmaceutical start-up. But, after Tata Digital acquired a significant stake in the company, it was rebranded as Tata 1mg.

The platform is now offering an extensive range of services that include consultations via teleconference, booking lab tests, and delivery to the doorsteps of healthcare and pharmaceutical products. This alliance has increased the company’s value and boosted Tata Digital’s standing in the electronic pharmacy sector. 

Here are the benefits of opening the Tata 1mg Franchise in India:

  • The investment is minimal and offers the chance to create a company.
  • Support for technical and marketing was available.
  • Earnings on every successful order.
  • The guidance for growing the business.
  • Partnership with Tata 1mg, a renowned digital health service in India.

Sasta Sundar Pharmacy

Sasta Sundar Pharmacy is one of India’s most prestigious healthcare franchises. It has between 100 and 200 franchise locations across India. In addition to pharmaceutical products, it also offers healthcare and cosmetics. These are the benefits of having Sasta Sundar Medical Store franchise in India: Sasta Sundar Medical Store franchise in India:

Since this pharmacy offers cosmetics, you could sell cosmetics in addition to medications.

  • You will save much money since the company requires no stock investment. 
  • You can begin a Sasta Sundar franchise with an investment of as small as Rs50,000 or Rs250,000.

Steps for Starting a Pharma Franchise

  • Research and Selection

The first step in establishing the pharma franchise is to conduct thorough research. Determine your area of expertise and the market.

  • Legal Formalities

You must follow the rules and regulations to run a franchised pharma business. Register your company, acquire the required licenses, and adhere to all legal rules. Be sure your Best Pharma Franchise Company you choose is also strictly compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Business Plan

Make a thorough business plan that outlines your strategies, goals, and financial forecasts. A well-designed plan can serve as a guide to success and will help you secure the financing you require.

  • Investment and Budgeting

Set your budget and invest capacity. A Best Pharma Franchise Company in India should give you complete information regarding the initial investment for the purchase of the product, marketing expenses, and operating expenses.

  • Location and Territory

Choose your business’s location and the area you want to operate in carefully. Conduct market research to find areas with the highest demand for pharmaceuticals.

6. Product Selection:

Choose from the vast selection of pharmaceutical products available from the franchisor. Ensure that the products align with the health requirements of the market you intend to target and meet the highest quality.

  • Marketing and Promotion

Create a solid marketing plan to market your franchise business in the pharma industry. A Best Pharma Franchise Company in India will support marketing with promotional materials and strategies.

  • Training and Support

Choose a firm that provides extensive training and assistance. Make sure that your employees, as well as you, get the right information about the product and sales training.

  • Build Strong Customer Relationships

Develop solid relationships with your area’s medical professionals, doctors, and hospitals. Building trust with the medical community is essential for your company’s success.

  • Monitor and Adapt

Review your business’s performance regularly and modify your strategy in line with the results. Keep up-to-date with trends in the industry and rules to ensure your business’s long-term success.

The idea of starting a franchise for pharma in India by partnering with The Best Pharma Franchise Company is exciting. If you do the proper research and planning, you could impact the pharmaceutical industry and help improve the quality of healthcare in India.