This article is about how to see deleted status in WhatsApp. Nowadays you can see that almost every smartphone user is using WhatsApp or and this application. They have it installed on their smartphones, and they use it regularly. Behind this tremendous popularity are the features with which WhatsApp is integrated.

The developers and team behind WhatsApp always try to bring something new to this instant messaging app to make it more exciting and functional. The Facebook-owned company introduced a cool feature in 2018 that allows users to share text, photos, and videos that automatically disappear within 24 hours.

This is a similar feature that they introduced on Instagram called Instagram Stories. WhatsApp has called this feature WhatsApp Status. To know more about this topic, you can find more detail info in

How to See Deleted Status in WhatsApp?

Ever since WhatsApp introduced this feature, people have started looking for ways to view deleted WhatsApp statuses online. So, I decided to help you guys. But before that let me tell you one thing very clearly, unfortunately, there is no official way by which you can know your deleted WhatsApp status.

But does this mean that you cannot see your deleted WhatsApp status? Of course, no, there are many ways in which you can view deleted WhatsApp status, but none of them are official. So, if you are fine with that, then you are at the right place.

Why Do People View Status in WhatsApp?

Sometimes out of curiosity, some users want to see a person’s WhatsApp status after a specified twenty-four hours or after the status is deleted by someone else. Now through this application, you can view deleted WhatsApp messages as well as status.

WhatsApp allows you to share your feelings with all your contacts through a feature called Status. This feature works just like Instagram Status, so if you haven’t tried the feature yet, you won’t find it difficult to use.

However, sometimes the person whose status you want to see deletes the status 24 hours before you see it. You must be wondering about status or how to view deleted status on WhatsApp.

How Do You View Deleted WhatsApp Status?

If you are looking for ways to see someone’s deleted status on WhatsApp then you have definitely hit the right article. In this article, we will show you how to view deleted statuses on WhatsApp. It is a free app and can be easily downloaded from Play Store or App Store. It allows the user to make national and international audio/video calls using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

If you want to see Deleted Status on WhatsApp, then we are telling you some easy apps. You can take the help of third-party apps to know the deleted WhatsApp status. These apps are used when you want to select deleted status on WhatsApp. Here we bring you two of the most popular third-party apps for this purpose.

You can download any of them from Play Store and later install them on your phone by following the given steps.

  1. WhatsDelete
  2. WAMR – Recover Deleted Messages


You need to download this app to see deleted WhatsApp status 24 hours ago. This is the best way to download your WhatsApp status on WhatsApp. If you want to select deleted WhatsApp status then open the app and then grant desired access.

Use this app to view deleted WhatsApp messages as well as status on WhatsApp. You can also save status on your device. You just need to view the status and click on the save button in the app, then the WhatsApp status will be saved in your storage device.

WAMR – Recover Deleted Messages.

Already seen a status but this person deleted it 24 hours ago? You can use a third-party app like the above to view deleted WhatsApp status. You have to download this app on your phone from the play store and then use it.

To do this you have to click on the save status button, in this way the deleted WhatsApp status will be saved in your storage. You can also use this app to view all deleted WhatsApp messages on WhatsApp.


Make sure any of the apps are downloaded to your device by clicking on Apps above. Now, when you have downloaded and installed the application, you need to open the application and click on the Status tab. Here, you can see all your WhatsApp status uploaded by your WhatsApp contacts.

If you want to save this status then don’t forget to click on the save button and WhatsApp status will be saved on your device. With the help of this amazing trick, you can check your WhatsApp status after some time.