Many people have asked on different sites if it is possible to recover data from a formatted SD card. Well, there are two types of format, one is the quick format and the other one is the full format. The quick format is way faster than the full format. Also, it doesn’t wipe the data of your SD card but the full format does. If you have done a quick format, you don’t have to worry about the data. But what if you have full formatted the SD card. However, there is a lot of professional data recovery software that can help you. In this article, we are describing to you how to recover data from formatted SD card. Here, we are suggesting both a Windows and Mac data recovery tool.

Part 1: How to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card on Windows PC.

we are here to introduce one of the best and most professional data recovery tools named iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover data from formatted SD card. Users can scan and recover files from SD cards on Windows PC with cutting-edge technology. Almost all common file types that are frequently used by most people are supported by this tool. This software supports 2000+ storage devices, 1000+ file types, 500+ scenarios and 20 languages, unlike other apps. It has the highest file recovery success rate. You can easily recover data from formatted SD cards by using this tool. It allows the users to recover 2GB files for free and you can purchase the full version of this data recovery tool only for $59.95 per year. This software is able to recover sd card data in Windows 10/11/8/7


  • Supports more than 1000+ file types including video, documents, graphics, audio and more.
  • Provides you dual scanning mode to recover data from formatted SD cards.
  • Before recovering, this tool lets you preview the files.
  • Recover data files from more than 2000+ storage devices including USB drives, SD cards, HDD/SDD and more.
  • Including recovering deleted files, formatted SD card recovery, raw drive recovery and more, it supports more than 500+ data loss scenarios.

Steps to recover data from formatted SD card on Windows PC:

Step 1: At first, download and install this data recovery software on your PC. This tool is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows OS and virus-free. So free to install this program.

Step 2: Then you have to connect the formatted SD card with your computer.

Step 3: You need to select your SD card and click on the Scan button to the top right of the screen initiates digging into the chosen folder or partition for all recoverable files after launching the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool for Windows PC.

Step 4: A window comprising a list of recoverable files under the selected folder appears on the screen upon completion. As per the requirements, you can preview the file data, and mark multiple files that you intend to recover. Make your selection once the intended file is fetched and to save it to your computer, click on Recover

Part 2: How to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card on Mac.

If your SD card is formatted and you don’t have any backup of the important data, the best option for you is to use a data recovery tool. Here, we would like to recommend you to use iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. For SD cards, it is a well-known software tool. Thousands of people world-widely are using this tool to recover files from external hard drives, Mac internal hard disks, SD cards, digital cameras, micro SD cards, USB flash drives, and more. The success rate of this free data recovery tool is 99.86. It also supports 1000+ file types, 2000+ devices and 500+ sceneries to recover. You can also preview the files before recovering them in this wonderful tool. Users can get the full version for only $59.95. 


  • To ensure SD card recovery for Mac quality, this tool supports almost all file types and provides a pre-recovery preview.
  • For restoring SD card files working in macOS 10.10 and later, it is an easy-to-use and read-only program.
  • Including all pictures and videos, it can recover more than 1000+ file types from Mac and SD cards.
  • This tool can fully retrieve files from SD card on Mac due to formatted, accidental deletion, memory card displays as virus attack, corrupted or inaccessible, RAW etc.
  • This tool can restore files lost in 500+ scenarios, including deletion, SD card formatting, system errors, partition lost/deletion, etc.

Steps to recover data from formatted SD card on Mac:

Step 1: At first, download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac on your PC. Then through a card reader, connect your SD card with your Mac.

Step 2: You can see the file types in the main window after launching it. You need to select file types to scan to save your time. All the types are checked by default. Make sure to uncheck the unwanted ones. If you choose more file types to scan, it will take longer. To recover files on Mac OS X, click on Start.

Step 3: As well as the external drive, all volumes on your Mac are listed in the Window.  Click the Scan button after selecting the SD card.

Step 4: You can see all found files are displayed in the result window and sorted into the category when the scanning process is finished. On the left side, you’re supposed to unfold the category and from the right side, you can preview the files belonging to this category on the right. Click Recover to save them on your Mac after finding the target files.

Part 3: Why SD Card Asked for Formatting. List the possible reasons.

If your SD card is asking for formatting, it means it is corrupted or there is a problem in the file system format of your SD card. Windows or other flashes this message for you due to this. In this situation, it would be better to format your SD card as soon as possible. Dozens of reasons can cause an SD card asked for formatting. However, the possible reasons are listed below for you –

  • Once the SD card fills up all its memory.
  • If the SD card stops working properly.
  • While formatting the factory setting, if you don’t remove the SD card.
  • When the SD card receives some physical damage.
  • If the formatting process is done on an incompatible device.

Part 4: How to Prevent SD Card from Being Formatted

The meaning of having an SD card appear as formatted is you have to recover your lost files, then check it for errors, and then format it again to keep using it. It’s annoying and consuming. In the first place, it’s better to minimize the chances of the problem appearing.

  • From any device, never abruptly pull out an SD card. To detach any removable media safely, choose any available option. You can also turn the device off alternatively.
  • Make sure that the device where you’re using your SD card is charged fully.
  • Until its battery’s power depletes, don’t keep using it.
  • When a device prompts you to do so, don’t accept to format your SD card. Especially when the SD card works fine on other devices. First, ensure you’ve backed up all its contents elsewhere if you choose to format your SD card.
  • To keep malicious software and users at bay, use antivirus and firewall apps when on your PC. From unknown sources, never run untrusted apps which could end up corrupting your storage devices.
  • The elements are not friendly to your SD card except for the occasional breeze. Do avoid exposing it to dust, water or heat.
  • Always use carrying cases and do not throw your SD card in your pocket among coins, keys and other kinds of stuff because that could get the SD card chipped, bent or scratched.

There’s a hope you can save your files even if your SD card appears as formatted. Also, you might be able to keep using your SD card like before after fixing it. In this article, we have described to you how to recover data from formatted SD card. We have also suggested you a data recovery tool available for both Mac and Windows. iBeesoft Data Recovery tool is one of the best data recovery tools for 2022. It helps you to recover 1000+ file types from 2000+ storage devices. No matter in which scenario you are in, this tool can fix it easily. We would highly recommend you to use the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool.