Traveling around the world is a bold decision, for the implementation of which you need to thoroughly prepare. Whatever the motivation to go on a long journey, the world will never be the same again. Don’t be afraid of change, in this article we’ve put together the best tips for you on how to best plan your trip around the world.

Decide on your desires

Think about what inspired you to travel around the world, be it a book or a movie. Decide which countries and attractions in them you want to visit and proceed from your budget. Think about how many days you plan to stay in a place and start booking flights as early as possible.

Plan your land route

Traveling by plane, you run the risk of missing out on the culture of the country you have visited. Try to plan an overland route around the country. The best means of transportation for such trips is a car. By renting a car, you won’t have to wait for public transport, and your luggage won’t become a real burden.
When arriving in Faro, a Portuguese city often a must-see for world travelers, opt for comfort and mobility by renting a car. Take a closer look at the car hire Faro airport offers in advance to choose the best option.

Time and direction of a trip

A round-the-world trip can be done in a couple of days if you move by plane and see nothing. To enjoy a trip, you need to allocate from 3 months to a year for it. Don’t start your round-the-world trip on Christmas Eve or high summer, as you’ll run into crowds and overpriced prices.
When planning a trip, you choose between two directions: west and east. We recommend that you head west while traveling, as our body can easily adapt to the longer daylight hours. You will acclimatize faster and avoid insomnia, the enemy of travelers between time zones.

Plan a budget with minimal spending

Traveling around the world is expensive. When planning a trip budget, remember that you need to leave a certain amount in case of unforeseen circumstances. What can you save on your trip?

  • Flights. The more detailed you plan the route, the cheaper the tickets purchased in advance will be.
  • Transport. You can save money by renting a car: research the possibilities of cheap cars for hire at your destination. Many car hiring options are not available during the tourist season, so book your car as far in advance as possible.
  • Souvenirs. Minimize purchases of memorable gifts – this consumes your budget and increases your luggage. Photographs are a good alternative to souvenirs. Take your camera on a trip around the world and send beautiful postcards to your friends.
  • Food. To explore the local cuisine, it is not necessary to eat at a restaurant every day. Street food can be traditional, and in a small cafe, they cook specials. Eat a variety, but do not miss the chance to save.
  • Cultural rest. Buying tickets to the festival in advance will save money, and night raids on bars can be replaced by going to the beach. Think about how you can save on entertainment while enjoying your trip.

Write down your plan

It is difficult to keep all the little things in your head when it comes to traveling around the world. Make a detailed travel plan on paper, taking into account flight times. Write down everything, down to the options for cars for hire in different cities.

How to prepare for a round-the-world trip

Take care of all the necessary documents: apply for visas and an international driver’s license, and purchase travel insurance. Tidy up household chores – arrange for a friend to take care of the house, pets, and houseplants in your absence. Think ahead about how you can work remotely or take a vacation.
Buy a suitcase and do not take extra things with you so as not to overpay for luggage when flying. Read up on the climate of the countries you plan to visit and bring weather-appropriate clothing with you. Take care of leisure on the plane: take a book or a headset. Read more in this article.

Gather Information

Prepare for your trip by learning useful information about the countries you will be visiting. Each country has its own tricks: how to save money, sights to visit, features of traffic rules, and daily routine. Subscribe to blogs and social media pages about world travel for tips from seasoned travelers.


We hope that these tips will help you plan your trip around the world in the right way and plan your budget. We wish you good impressions of the upcoming trip!