Making light blue icing can be an easy task. Take half a teaspoon of green food coloring and add it to the frosting. Keep stirring the icing until it becomes blue.

There are other ways to create blue icing as well. Add 12 drops of blue food coloring to the frosting. Stir it with a spoon to combine or you can use a mixer. If you want a navy blue shade, add 4 drops of red food coloring.

What to do if you want royal blue?

Primary blue and purple are the colors that can be used to obtain the royal blue food coloring. Mix the purple and blue colors properly to obtain the royal blue shade. Also, you can create navy blue colors with blue and purple food colors.

What blue food coloring do you use?

I am using three hues of blue, red, and yellow to create various colors for food coloring. Then you can add colors in tiny proportions to make the primary and secondary colors. For example, to produce green color, add blue and yellow, or to get purple mix blue and red.

How to create dark blue color?

To make dark blue you will need blue color as your base; then purple will be the mixing color. Now, to manage the color combination keep adding a tiny quantity of purple at a time.

How to create blue color using green?

If you are looking to create blue, starting with green is a bad idea. Use cyan, magenta, and yellow to make the blue color. Mixing cyan and magenta in green will produced a proper blue color for your foodstuff.

How to create red icing color?

I know it may sound a bit weird but using pink base color to make red frosting is the simplest way. You can use pink gel food coloring or strawberry powder or beet powder to create the look. It is much easier to convert pink buttercream into red than to turn white buttercream into a red frosting.

Also, you can make pink frosting from red food coloring. Mix eight drops of red food color in your icing; to create pink food coloring.

Now mix all the ingredients properly to use them as needed. To make dark pink color add 60 drops of red food coloring.

How to produce yellow food coloring?

Generally, said that to get the yellow color, you have to mix red and orange. But here for coloring foodstuffs, you have to mix red and green to obtain yellow food color.

Yellow is the color that is halfway between red and green. So adding both red and green proportionately can give you yellow color.

How to make orange color?

It is simple to make an orange color; combine red and yellow.

There are three basis hues; red, yellow, and blue. Orange is classified as secondary color as it is obtained by adding two primary colors that are red and yellow.


Icing is important to many desserts for various reasons. It makes your dessert visually attractive and gives a flavor to it. There are different types of icing that are used for different purposes. Glaze, royal icing, Italian icing, satin icing, drizzle icing, buttercream icing, marshmallow icing, and fondant icing are types of icing.