Every dog owner dreams that his or her dog will appear on the cover of a popular dog magazine. And it is, in fact, an honor for the owner. That is why almost all dog owners, especially in the UK, try their best so that their dogs can appear on the cover of a magazine.

The process is difficult, and most people don’t know how to put their dog’s photo in a famous dog magazine UK. And if you are one of those people who don’t know the process, you should listen carefully to what to do.

Let’s start from the basics. First, as a dog owner, you must choose a famous or well-known dog magazine with a good reputation. Suppose a magazine is not recognized or doesn’t have a positive reputation. What’s the point of appearing in that magazine – unless you want to get a negative reputation for your dog too?

So, as a dog owner, you should make sure that the dog magazine you choose has a good reputation and recognition in the society. Many dog magazines don’t have demand, recognition, or creditability, and people don’t trust them because of the lack of their creditability. Don’t choose magazines like them.

At the same time, some popular magazines with good demand, recognition, and reputation can ask you for money to put your dog’s photo on the cover. If you are ok with that, you can gladly accept the offer.

But I always try to save my money, and plenty of well-known dog magazines help dog rescue centers and owners by putting their dog’s photos on their covers without costing anything. Don’t you know any magazine like that? You should consult with Vanity Fur Magazine.

How Can My Dog Appear on the Cover of Vanity Fur Dog Magazine?

Before guiding you through the process, let me tell you – Vanity Fur Magazine is a well-known dog magazine with a good reputation and demand in the UK. So you will not regret putting your dog’s face on the cover.

You will not have to go through any complicated process to do that. A photo of your dog, name and your name (dog owner) is enough for the process.

You just have to send those things to the Vanity Fur Magazine office or email. And they will put that photo on the cover as soon as possible. Along with that, they will also place your dog’s photo on the gallery of their official website, where thousands of people can see and read the rescue story.


Appearing on a dog magazine’s cover will benefit a rescue center and is a good platform for a dog charity. Because people will know about dog rescue centers and adopt dogs, and people who like to help those institutions will help them with money or other things.

That is why Vanity Fur helps those institutions and features them on their magazine’s cover. And those who have a good rescue story will also be featured in the magazine.