Nowadays, a smartphone is a casual gadget without which it is impossible to live a day. However, when it comes to privacy, people tend to hide their numbers. Why does it happen? Here are the main reasons for unwillingness to enter real phones:

  • Anonymity. People can avoid giving their personal contact info;
  • Avoiding unwanted contacts. If you do not want some acquaintances can contact you, hiding a real number will solve the issue;
  • When considering the issue within the framework of the Internet, the Web is an unsafe place anyway. Although portals are obliged to keep data private and protect information from hackers and fraudsters, all sorts of scams and hacking are common cases. The feeling of being unprotected scares users. They do not want to specify real personal data.

Here, a convenient solution is provided. People can buy temporary number.

What are Temporary Online Phone numbers?

A fake virtual number is a phone number that can be used instead of your real one for any type of activity. Such solutions are perfect in the following cases:

  1. When it is needed to separate personal and business life. Two different numbers will help avoid confusing two spheres of life.
  2. For business, to enter new markets and extend brand presence in the world arena.
  3. For registration and verification on websites to improve privacy.

The Scope of Functionalities of Fake Phones

It is possible to:

  • Receive incoming calls (they are free for people who call and paid by the receiver);
  • Type and send text messengers and get SMSs;
  • Receive confirmation codes for account authentication;
  • Call via PCs and other voice hardware, if you have no smartphone.

How does it Work?

Before we get down to analyzing how to get Indian number for OTP (a one-time password), let’s briefly explain how the system functions.

Special services have free international numbers of different countries all over the world. They are collected in databases. When a user buys such a fake phone, he has an account and can download an app of a particular service provider to control this phone. When a text SMS is sent or a call is coming, the user can answer or open it via the app or a desktop web account. 

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Connecting an online solution for calls and SMSs has the following advantages:

  1. Anonymity and 100% security when specifying phones on the Web.
  2. Protection from blackmailing, stalking, data reselling, and other illegal activities.
  3. An opportunity to register on websites and verify accounts if you do not have a smartphone. Online phones work via any voice device (a PC, a laptop, etc.).
  4. Cheap tariffs for international communication.
  5. Access to banned websites.

The benefit of fake phone numbers is great. So, it’s time to find out how to get Indian phone number. 

Instruction on how to Get Fake Virtual Phones

Note that in most cases, online numbers are connected for international communication. Thus, citizens of one country can easily connect phone numbers of other states. They will get numbers with the codes of foreign countries. When they give calls or send SMSs, receivers won’t even know that a caller is located abroad. So, here, you can see a step-by-step guide on how to get Indian phone number in US.

  1. Find a trusted service provider 

To make the first step toward buying a fake online phone, you should surf the Internet, study the offers of diverse service providers, and compare their conditions. Nowadays, many portals offer such services. Thus, to pick the most suitable one, pay attention to the following points:

  • The range of covered countries;
  • User feedback;
  • A price policy;
  • Other terms.

Compare several potential websites and select the most suitable one.

  1. Register an account

Fill out the registration form to create an account.

  1. Replenish the balance

Look through the price list and calculate how much funds you should invest to pay for the phone itself and the subscription period.

  1. Decide on the number and type of phones

Here, you should clarify the following points:

  • How many numbers do you want to connect (it is possible to buy more than one phone)?
  • Numbers of what country (countries) do you need?
  • For what period (how many weeks or months) do you need phones?
  1. Fill out the purchase form

Specify all the information mentioned in the previous point in a special form.

  1. Submit the form and confirm a purchase.

You’ll get a confirmation letter with the number. After that, you can use it for your purposes. A fake number is managed via a personal account in a mobile app or a desktop browser version.

Virtual fake numbers are convenient solutions for modern people, which allow solving a wide range of tasks, starting from security on the Web up to business and personal matters. The cost for such options is more affordable if compared to roaming or other alternatives. Thus, more and more users prefer to connect such numbers.