Small businesses frequently need to monitor other new businesses that are springing up in the neighborhood. Keeping a watch on possible rivals may be necessary in this case, but often, new enterprises can result in additional clients for your printing company, office supply company, legal services, or whatever type of company you are running. You can find a list of startups in your region from a variety of sources.

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Consult the neighborhood chamber of commerce

The town’s newest enterprises frequently join the Chamber of Commerce as new members. Some chambers publish a list of its main members on their site, such as the one from the Alexandria, Virginia, Chamber of Commerce. Others might be able to give you a list upon request following a brief email or phone call. 

A tip to get more engaged!

You might want to think about becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce if you aren’t already as other members might be the only ones who have access to business lists. Additionally, chambers provide various services to support networking, business marketing, regulatory compliance, and the exploration of new business prospects.

Consult with your secretary of state

All firms must incorporate with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State’s department in your state, except for the tiniest (often one person businesses). Most states have online listings of registered corporations that can be searched. Several states, like Oregon, let you create a list of all corporations that have been registered, organized by date, so you can see all the most recent applications. Unfortunately, only few states can sort dates. If the choice isn’t offered online, get in touch with the Corporations Division and ask for a list. There can be a small fee associated with this service. The size of the new firm is typically not indicated in the documents you’ll receive, but frequently the name will give you a clue as to whether you’re working with a major corporation or a little mom-and-pop.


Look Through Your Local Media

Local companies that have just started or are soon to open are well covered by some of the small-town publications. Keeping up with new businesses can be done by routinely checking the newspaper. Even big cities frequently have neighborhood-specific news sources that offer comparable coverage. Looking through them deeply and being engaged with them will provide you with more and more ideas to how to fund your newborn business.

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Search Online for Your Area

Search for new establishments in your neighborhood using Google, Bing, or any other search engine. Add a geographic term to the phrase “new business” (such as the name of a town, a city, or even just a neighborhood). To find further search results, try varying your search words. Consider including “soft opening” in your searches (in quotation marks) to identify companies that have begun operations but aren’t yet advertising. Other phrases to test include “new,” “just,” and “plans to.”