Are you also found at just about every donut shop in Lahore like us? If yes, we understand your plight. Donuts are addictive and found at a lot of places in Lahore which make them so convenient to get and accessible also. You’re bad at managing your addictions if you have one that is not readily available hence, donuts are the best thing to get hooked on if you have a sweet tooth.

The Craze of Donuts

Dunkin donuts in Lahore have created a cult of people who only like their donuts and no other place. Can you blame them also? This coffee shop in Lahore has been operating for ages but its taste has never faltered or changed which makes it so special. Be it early hours in the morning or the late hours, the donuts will always be fresh and as delicious as ever. Let’s not forget the delicious coffees they serve.

Hence, the Dunkin Donuts obsession has got people talking. How do you continue eating donuts and not get fat? Leaving donuts is never a choice so one has to come up with other methods to ensure the weight gained after is not over the top. Even when people are being healthy they realize that they can not let go of that one bite of donut. In this piece, we’ll be guiding you about how to eat donuts without getting fat!

The Price of Loving Donuts

There is a huge price you have to pay if you love donuts and that first bite into their doughy goodness. This price is not just about how much these donuts actually cost in monetary terms but rather about the consequences you might start seeing on your body. People gain weight in some parts of their bodies or some gain weight all over, whatever your body’s reaction may be, one thing is for sure. You tend to gain weight as a result of your obsession with donuts. 

Donuts are delicious but let’s be real, they are not the healthiest thing out there. Nobody is delusional to the extent that they think donuts are healthy. But you’re lucky because we’ve brought some excellent guidelines to ensure you do not gain weight when you munch on these little pieces of happiness. 

Healthy Donuts Could Be A Thing

There is a new kind of donut out there called the pronut and it could be the thing of your dreams. These donuts are healthy and are not full to the brim with calories. You can finally have your cake and eat it too. These donuts, one huge size of them, has only 145 calories. These pronuts are made with approximately 3.5g of sugar and 9g fat. If you compare this to the general donut from any donut place you go to, you will find that they have about 390 calories each and are made with roughly 20g of fat and 28g of sugar. Sounds good enough yet?

So who is behind this majestic creation in the world that will allow us to live our best life yet? You can direct your gratitude to a company in the United Kingdom which goes by the name  NUFF (Natural Unprocessed Fat Burning Food). They came up with the idea of bringing healthy donuts to the table and have also revolutionized other unhealthy and sugary foods like cookies or brownies and cakes. These creations by them are all under 160 calories and taste just as good. You might be wondering how this has been achieved: well, only by eliminating other calorie-laden things that are not so important to the taste with healthier alternatives. For example, they went in with stuff like raw cacao, nuts, fruit and coconut oil. These help with making your metabolism better and they also result in much fewer calories being pumped into your bodies.

Keep Your Pulse On Calories

So next time you find yourself at your favorite donut shop in Lahore, consider other healthier alternatives for the same thing. The NUFF donuts may not be available here but you can always experiment with a recipe yourself or find healthier donuts out there.

We get it, the taste of dunkin donuts in Lahore can not be matched by any other place precisely because all the ingredients give it that taste. However, if you’re abroad think about the NUFF donuts who have the following amounts of calories and fat:

  • Original Glazed from Krispy Kreme: 190 calories, 11g fat, 10g sugar
  • Krispy Kreme Glazed Cruller: 250 calories, 17g fat, 10g sugar
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Sugar Raised donut: 230 calories, 14g fat, 4g sugar
  • Apple n Spice from Dunkin’ Donuts: 260 calories, 14g fat, 9g sugar
  • Tim Hortons Chocolate Dip donut: 210 calories, 9g fat, 8g sugar
  • Tim Hortons Dutchie: 230 calories, 5g fat, 16g sugar

You can see they also have a donut named after Dunkin donuts because the franchise’s donuts are that popular. So does this mean you can have more donuts or does this mean you will have one donut but not gain that much weight?

Big Things, Small Boxes

If you’re feeling snacky, don’t go for the full-sized donuts from your favorite shops. Instead, go for the regular sizes or the mini versions. Moreover, always avail a deal so you’re also conscious of the amount you’re spending. You need to also work on adapting your mentality to this. You will be enjoying the same flavor but in a smaller size. If you’re gaining a lot of weight, focus on just satisfying the craving with a bite or too. Focus on not eating sweet things when you’re simply full to the brim because we often eat it when there’s no space even.  

It defeats the purpose if you go to the donut shop in Lahore and get mini versions but get a lot of them. Might as well get the full-sized versions then.

Donuts, Wash It Down, Move A Bit and Repeat

These donuts may have less calories but the colorful sprinkles, the iced sugar and the dough will find its way to you in the form of added weight. However, if you’re nailing the donut and coffee combo every day you might be avoiding this loop. Coffee can help neutralize the weight by making your metabolism so much faster so make your way to dunkin donuts in Lahore.

Moreover, 30 minutes of cardio every day or every other day can also help. If let’s say you’re having a donut thrice a week and you’re working out 4 times a week, there’s a good chance you’ll avoid the oncoming weight.