Topic:How long should you study for the CISA exam? Whether you prefer to work in the information technology area or are already engaged in an organization as an information technology auditor or assurance and information security professional, you need to qualify for the CISA (can be extended as Certified Information Systems Auditor) credential exam. Preparing for the certification exam and becoming a CISA certification exam will boost the career of candidates and launch them in the space of information security. The modern world is becoming technically advanced day by day in all sectors. The CISA professional candidates are in high demand to make sure that all the information systems work correctly and are never compromised in any case.

If you wish to achieve a CISA certification in the new future, you might wonder how long it would take you to study for the exam and qualify for it with distinction. The individuals who decide to invest in their career always seek answers to questions like where the path would lead them, and it would be worth the money and effort. Let us look at insights on the certification exam and the time required to qualify for the exam.

A short analysis regarding the CISA certification credential:

The certification exam of CISA requests the individuals to answer all the questions within 4 hours. This part means the individuals appearing in the exam have 240 minutes to answer all the questions. All queries are multiple-choice types, and the entire exam course is divided into five different sections.

  • The first part is the Information System Auditing Process, which comprises around 21% of the entire examination.
  • The second part is the management of Information Technology and governance, covering around 17% of the entire exam.
  • The third and the least covered portion of the examination is the part of Information System Acquisition, execution, and development. This portion forms around 12% of the whole exam.
  • The fourth domain focuses on various Information Systems operations and business resilience which is the second-highest portion of the exam covering around 23% of the entire test.
  • The last part for the previous domain of the exam is safeguarding the information assets. This part covers the highest portion of the examination, which is around 27%.

The certification exam of CISA conducts three testing windows all over the year. Then non-testing days are typically known as blackout days. They are generally the end of January, May, and September. The entire examination is administered at the testing centers of PSI, and the preliminary scores are available instantly after the conclusion. The registration cost of the study is 575 US dollars for ISACA (Information Systems Audit Control Association) members. For the individuals who are not members of ISACA, the examination cost is around 760 USD. Individuals can gather more information about the testing windows and the process to register for the examination by visiting the official website of ISACA.

Period for the CISA preparation 

If the individuals regularly study for 2 to 3 hours a day, they would be thoroughly prepared to appear exam within two months. It depends on how well they grasp the concepts and apply the ideas in the actual test. It also depends on whether they have any practical experience in the field. The individuals with more practical experience might need to study less, while those with lesser experience prefer a higher preparation period. The certification can cost various responses, and management of technics is essential.

With the person-to-person variation, the subjective studying time for the examination needs to be appropriately considered. The good news is that the individuals have around a year to pass the certification exam once they register. Hence, time will never be the barrier when it comes to qualifying for the exam. Individuals will have sufficient time to make a proper timetable and prepare for the exam irrespective of their experience.


The candidates must earn the CISA tag by going thoroughly through all the vital tasks and assessments. It can help in improving the better basics and prolific ideas.

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