Are you bored with the usual image editing? You can use the cutout image process to create something more unique. Image cutout is an image manipulation process. It is a creative way to do new designs, banners, edit eCommerce product images, etc. 80% of customers think a creative presentation can bring more attention and increase the interest to purchase.

It is a highly technical process to follow. If you have the expertise and image editing skills, you can do it easily. You can also take the image cutout service from the service provider online. But knowing the whole process is important. How much do you know about this? You can read this article to know about the process and get benefits. So, let’s begin. 

What is a Cutout Image?

It is an image manipulation process to cut objects from an image cleanly and we can use it in another image or object to create a new image with a new background. After replacing the object, nobody will find out the object has been cut out from the original background or what was its real background. The use of this technique is increasing day by day.

The cutout is a non-destructive image editing process. So, you can easily edit anytime and rebuild the image if you want to edit again. This process surely ensures more flexibility in your work. You can learn this interesting editing task and use it to manipulate images quite easily. More importantly, it is fun to do editing. 

Importance of Using Cutout Image

  • Most of the images in the newspapers, and magazines are cutout images. The journalists are regularly using this process. And the process is workable for the ad agencies. They also regularly use this technique. 
  • For eCommerce product images, using the cutout technique brings a new era. It can make a stand-out product image more appealing to the customers. So, eCommerce business owners like to use cutout images to create more attractive product images. 
  • It is a better way to represent any complex idea easily in a single frame. A properly edited image can explain a huge idea quite perfectly. 
  • Using cutout images is a new way of background removal and adding a new one. This process is sometimes better than the other existing processes. 
  • It is fun to edit and implement your ideas by using this. As a flexible technique, you can edit the image on another level. Isn’t it great?
  • Creating or adding a logo or identical business mark on an image becomes easier. You just need to cut the sign from an image and attach it to another image that you want to use. 
  • This technique can be applied to every kind of online business. 
  • Importantly, it is not that complex to be done. So, don’t be afraid to use this process. 

How to Save a Cutout Image in Photoshop

By following 4 steps, you can do the image cutout. For this, you have to choose a suitable image editing software like Photoshop. 

  1. Choose the Image/s to Cut Out

First, you have to choose the selected image/s that you want to work with. Check these images carefully. If the images have flaws, change the image and bring out the proper one for work. Then you can start the cutout process. Doing the editing word steadily is very important here. So, don’t rush and take your time to bring out the best.

Now, open the image in Photoshop to begin the task.

  1. Cut Out the Image

You can do the cutout task using automatic and manual processes. The automatic processes often failed to deliver the wanted cutting works that you may require. So, using the manual process is good for the users.

For the manual process, you have to use the pen tool and brush tools in photoshop. For the other software, the process is nearly the same. As I use photoshop for my work, I will describe it that way. 

First, you have to complete the selection process using the pen tool or other tools properly. When the selection of the object or individual is complete, you can cut the object from the background by deleting the background. To get the edges smooth, you can use a smart brush or other retouching brush tools to complete the cutting process. Otherwise, the image may seem unreal and cannot be accepted. 

When the image looks all ok, then you can save the file by clicking CTRL + S. You can save the file manually and select the right folder to keep the file there. 

  1. Change Background

After the cutting, you have to add the separated object in a new background or image to attach it there perfectly. This process is totally up to your idea and implementation skills. So, try to figure out the best image or background that you want to use. Because at the end of the day how it looks matters.

It is important to experiment with the background to find the most suitable for the image and then finalize it. It is not a waste of time to experiment. 

  1. Color Correction & Finishing the Process

When you attach the cut-out object to a new background or image, the color may not match or the new image may look unrealistic. So, it is important to do some finishing touches before completing the work.

You can change the color combination of the object or background to adjust the tone of the image. For this, you can use several tools like a brush, eraser, etc. 

When you feel the image looks realistic, your work is done then. You can also optimize the image to reduce the load speed.


The cutout process gives us more flexibility for the editors. But if we fail to use this technique properly, nothing good will come out of it. Suppose, you may use too many cutout objects in a single image, the image will explain more details surely but it can bring more complexity. It also may not seem ideal or standard. 

Over cutting and attaching can bring the problem with the optimization. This can slow down the browsing speed which is not good for any kind of online business. So, thinking about optimization when editing is a necessary thing.  

So, using the technique wisely can bring a good result for the user. You can do some excellent work by doing this. Just be careful and work with a proper plan to become successful. 

Final Words

As the eCommerce business is becoming more popular day by day, the competition is becoming higher and higher. To expand your eCommerce business, you need to use the standout presentation of your products. And the cutout technique will help you to accomplish the task effectively. 

Using cutout is one of the best processes to manipulate an image. You can easily implement it if you have basic editing knowledge. You can also hire an expert service provider for your work if you have other important work to handle for business. I hope, you have understood the whole process and get benefited from it. Hope for the best.