Are you a slip and fall injury victim and looking for a slip and fall settlement amount? Then you are on the right track. Let’s read this post to know the slip and fall settlement negotiation details.

What Is a Slip and Fall Injury?

Slip and fall injuries are a common scenario in today’s time. If you slip and fall on someone else property and get injured unintentionality, you are a victim of slip and fall injury. It is a personal injury arising from the property holder’s negligence.

As a result, the victim gets entitled to receive compensation money from the careless owner. The liable person was supposed to take the necessary steps to avoid that accident. Due to his failure and negligence, the victim got injured.

Example: If someone builds a building using slippery tiles on the floor. It creates higher chances of slipping and falling. Eventually, someone enters that building and falls by losing grip due to the deceptive nature of the tiles. Here, the person gets badly injured because of the owner’s fault.

As there were genuine chances of slipping, the owner is liable to pay the damage money.

How Do You Calculate Slip and Fall Injury settlement?

In most cases, an injured person carries long-term consequences from a slip and fall injury. Especially elderly adults bear life-long implications of it.

The nature of some slip and fall injuries is uncertain. Sometimes it can be so deadly. On the other hand, some injuries come with a little suffering.

Hence, you need to know the proper way of calculating slip and fall injuries. Without proper calculation claiming compensation will seem vague and questionable.

Here are the processes:

  • Cost of medical report for the present, past, and future comes from fall injury.
  • Add pain and suffering costs both mental and physical.
  • Add lost wages that arise due to absence from falling injury.

Also, adding more additional costs comes out of personal injury.

Immediate Steps To Take on a Slip and Fall Injury

Sometimes, sleep and falls injuries are so dangerous that the victim cannot take any further steps. However, in case of personal injury, you need to collect the necessary proof to make someone liable. Otherwise, the offender gets away with it.

So, see the steps you need to take below after suffering any slip and fall injury.

  • Take a photo of the injured spot on your mobile phone.
  • Collect your broken shoes or heels as evidence.
  • Make sure to take damaged dresses, mobile phones, and other accessories.

If you can collect upper mentioned things after slip and fall injury, you will have huge chances of receiving damage.

How To Negotiate a Slip and Fall Settlement

The negotiation stage can be divided into many phases. At first, try to settle the issue with the insurance adjuster of the opposite party. That way is easier and less time-consuming.

Later follow the below steps:

Issue a Demand Letter

Issue a demand letter to the defendant. This letter includes all bills, wage statements, receipts, and evidence of your injury. Claim proper amount on the note based on damages.

Think Before What You are Saying

Every conversation should be particular on your part. So, try to ignore any irrational issues. Make sure you are identifying the reasons for your claims.

Send Alternative Offer

If you find the negotiator offering a little compensation, just come up with an alternative offer. Disagree with the offer of the insurance negotiator’s claim for more. Surely, that will increase the compensation amount.

Add some emotion too!

Any compensation is not enough to mitigate losses. So, try to earn a soft corner from the negotiator before jumping for any harder words. Let the person know your conditions with some emotional attachment. Thus the compensation amount may increase.

Take legal action

If you find the insurance negotiator is not providing you with the proper compensation, take legal action. Appoint a lawyer to proceed with all the legal requirements. Finally, show all evidence to the court to get adequate compensation.


Negotiation of slip and fall settlement is a tough ask. However, if you follow those previously mentioned steps, surely you will get appropriate compensation. After all, it is your legal right to claim slip and fall damages. So, carefully handle the situation or hire an attorney to establish rights.


Here are the answers to relevant queries on the slip and fall settlement issue.

Can I lose Slip and Fall Claim?

If there is no proof of negligence against the owner, you will lose the slip and fall claim.

Is it Necessary to Set Plans for Negotiation of Settlement?

Yes, a proper plan on a negotiable table comes in handy. The opposite side will always try to escape. Therefore, keep an adequate plan to win the game.

Should I Hire an Attorney for Slip and Fall Settlement Negotiation?

You can always hire an attorney on slip and fall settlement negotiation issues. Experience attorney helps a lot to earn proper compensation.