To detect if your student has written an excellent essay or not, there are a few aspects you must pay heed to. We have seen teachers not emphasizing grammar and vocabulary and later complaining that students are taking dissertation proposals to help the UK. If you are teaching at the university level and you have students who are set to start working on their dissertations, make sure to teach them parts of speeches and some other linguistic structures to ensure they write the correct piece of content. 

In the below part of this article, we have seven important points that teachers must consider when evaluating their students’ writing process. No matter academic essays, assignments, or dissertations, you can look for these in all types of writing. So let’s move further with the article and see what are the right areas to check to evaluate a writing process.


For any piece of academic writing, your students need to take thorough research. What most of the students do is, check out the first few pages from the search engine and write their entire dissertation based on them. Therefore, the first thing experts suggest scholars is to check is how far their students have gone with their research. If the initial process of research seems okay and you can see good pieces of information chances are the rest of the content will be fine too.

Also, ensure the write-up your students have written is data-driven. It must have relevant stats and details from past research. The correctness and reliability of the data must not be ignored as well. Oftentimes students pick topics that are of their interest but still have very fewer data available. Check out what methodology they have used to collect information for it. These are some crucial areas that must not be ignored while dissertation writing evaluation.


Second, on the list comes the outline. An outline is an important part to see because the structure and the trajectory of the entire write-up are dependent on it. The outline is a road map toward the writing. You can say it is a plan that is responsible for the flow of any script, essay, or dissertation. There are many ways students make dissertations and this is exactly what you have to check. If your students have created a logical outline that has a perfect structure and assembly of topics, you don’t have to gaze around the whole content. Just take a thorough look and cross-check.

Some academicians say a perfectly crafted outline is the key to a complete and informative essay and we think we agree with this statement.

Content management

Content management is yet another critical part to ponder when evaluating your students’ writing process. When students are following an outline, they just don’t have to stick to it or follow it exactly how it is. If there is a need for any changes in some paragraphs or topics or their orders, students must be capable enough to take this decision.

Clarity and focus

You don’t have to mark excellent essays that are enriched in data and details but poor in focus. One of the main aspects of a superbly written essay is that it has a clear idea, no matter one or more. Also, it is important for the essay to have one main point. All the details your students have included must settle at one central point.

Other than this, coherence must not be ignored as well. Check if the content in the write-up is logically organized or not. Also, a seamless and smooth flow should be there. In easy words, whatever your students have written, must make sense to the readers. If it fails to do so, chances are your students need dissertation proposal help UK. This will give them an idea about how they need to better their writing plan and what revisions must go in.

Word choice

The pool of words your students have used in their writing is very important to pay attention to. No write-up with hoarding of complex words can add value to the study. Instead, it ruins readability and makes reading difficult for students. The choice of words your students are making for their write-ups must be effortless. No hardcore vocabulary for writing, especially academic writings must be encouraged.

It is also a good idea to tell your students to use active voice in their essays. Why? Because passive voice makes the sentences longer is often a reason behind the ruined readability.

Alignment of sentences

Alignment of sentences and sequencing of paragraphs adds a lot of worth to the essay and being a teacher you must know this. You might have seen students who write excellent essays but mess up with the sequencing game. This is exactly what we are talking about. If the sentences of essays are not perfectly aligned, they won’t have any unity, and unity between sentences and paragraphs is an important point to consider. Though each paragraph must outstand and have its own main idea, there must be some link between them.

Editing and proofreading

There is no room for grammar and syntax errors in essays, especially academic essays. When you check the writings of your students, make sure to check if they have edited and proofread them or not. You can analyze this by taking a strict check yourself or running the content through tools like Hemmingway and Grammarly premium. If there are a few mistakes, the possibilities are your students have worked on editing and proofreading but if there’s a lot, you know what you need to do next.


So, teachers! What do you think of these tips? Do you think they are enough to evaluate your students’ writing process or there are still things we have missed? Whatever your final words about this article are let us know in the comments. We recommend you offer dissertation proposal help UK before your students begin with their writing. This will help them improve their expertise and polish their writing skills.