Bed bugs are tiny insects that are parasitic in nature. They suck human blood and spread infection. These bugs can come to your home by sitting in your shopping or travelling bag. Once they get suitable conditions, they start laying eggs and increase the population. It is essential to get rid of these bugs as soon as possible to avoid the negative impacts. You can seek help from pest control Melbourne service experts to protect your beddings and health from damage. If you are confused about whether bed bugs reside in your house or not, you can look at these signs of pest infestation:

Look for Bite Marks 

Bed bugs are mainly attracted to carbon dioxide. When humans exhale carbon dioxide, the bed bugs get an idea about the presence of a perfect host near them. The bugs also need body heat and moisture to survive. The favourable conditions for the bugs are present in upholstery products and mattresses. 

Bed bugs come out from their hiding places and bite humans at night. The marks of their bites can be considered a sign of bed bug infestation. The allergic reaction initiated in the human skin after the bite leads to itching, redness, and swelling. So, whenever you come back from a public place like a hotel or bus, make it a point to check the bags once outside the door. 

Bed Bugs Shed Skin 

A bed bug has to pass many stages before reaching the adult stage. During this transition phase from the nymph to the adult stage, the bed bugs shed their skin at least five times in a lifetime. The skin shed by the bugs looks translucent. 

To identify the existence of bed bugs, you can check different places such as cracks in furniture, and crevices of mattresses. 

Look for Live Bed Bugs

You can notice some bed bugs running on your bed or sofa if the infestation is severe. It is possible to see bed bugs with naked eyes as they are 5-7 mm long. The size of a bed bug can be compared with the size of an apple seed. The colour of the nymph bed bugs is white. But, adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in colour. The body of bed bugs swell up and become reddish because of human blood. 

If you feel scared of the living bug bugs hiding and crawling on your bed sheet, consider hiring a pest control Doreen

Musty Odour of Bed Bugs

A peculiar odour is released from the bed bugs. This odour comes from the chemicals secreted by the body of bed bugs. The chemicals are released for communication purposes. If you can smell a musty odour from your bed sheets or upholstery products, you can detect the presence of bed bugs. Sometimes, professionals use sniffing dogs to determine the exact locations of the bed bugs in a house. So, ask for help from professionals if you smell a pungent odour on the bed. 

Droppings of Bed Bugs

Dark red or black coloured spots on a bed sheet indicate the existence of bed bugs. These spots can be the droppings of bed bugs. The poop is nothing but the digested blood. The bed bugs feed only human blood and that’s why the faeces looks look like blood spots. You can easily find the droppings of the bed bugs in different locations such as curtains, electrical outlets, carpets, mattresses, ceiling joints, etc. 

Blood from Crushed Bed Bugs 

While sleeping, the humans unknowingly crush many bed bugs. The blood spots spoil the bed or sofa cover in many places. It is crucial to sterilise the bed sheets and other surfaces because crushed bed bugs can spread infections. Washing the bedding with hot water can be beneficial in preventing the infections spread by the bed bugs.  


Bed bugs can pose threat to human health. But, it is possible to avoid all the ill effects of the bed bug infestation by hiring pest control Melbourne experts. The signs listed above are very easy to spot. You can recognise them and contact the specialists as early as possible. These signals will help you to get rid of the problems associated with the bed bug infestation.