Scams by phone have started to happen more and more often. Scammers, people with bad intentions, get advantage of other’s innocence to make money with absolutely no effort but by fraud. Scammers call inexperienced old or young people and pretend to be calling from their bank (with very serious issues about their account) or from a company they relate to or not. In general scammers ask for credit cards data or for personal information, but they always seem to be very well intentioned. You need to be aware of their methods in order to avoid getting your money or personal data stolen.

In the following paragraphs we will describe a few ways to understand how scammers do when calling you and how to prevent fraud.

Scammers pretend that their call is urgent

One of the methods scammers are using is make you feel like their call is an emergency. They will tell you that they need to adjust something about your bank account that could be closed due to some lack of information from your part. They may also tell you that you need to pay for someone from your family to be taken to the hospital due to an accident or to a very unexpected illness. If you receive an unknown number call, the best option before answering is to check that number on Who Called Me. This will allow you to identify an unknown caller and understand his or her intentions.

Scammers say they come from a company or a person you know

They may ask you for personal information in order to fix your bank account or some details about a public service you frequent. One thing you should keep in mind is to never provide anyone who is calling you with private information. Stay safe by protecting your privacy.

A great way to avoid having your money or private information stolen is to tr the scammers you will call them back later, as you have something urgent to resolve or you need to talk to someone from your family. Make sure you take your time to make an analysis of the situation and to take control of it. Remember: you can decide what you do with your money and personal information. No one can take those from you without your permission.

You are asked to pay before you see what you need to buy

Some scammers may present you unbelievable products, like skincare products that make all imperfections of the skin go away with just a few uses. They will ask you to pay, usually large amounts of money, in order to get into possession of these products. You should be aware of the risks of any payment by phone and you need to make sure you never use an unsecured payment method. Don’t let yourself stolen by anyone!

As we hear of scams so often these days, we need to be aware of all the risks. Make sure you stay informed and you inform the ones around you of the way how they can stay away of scammers and keep their privacy and money protected. Use online tools such as Who Called Me to find out who calls you when you. And let public authorities know about the problem you are victim of a fraud by phone.