Instagram has earned the top spot when it comes to advertising their initiatives, with over 1 billion monthly active users, a highly intelligent algorithm (as much as a pain in the ass, I dare say), and plenty of material.

Instagram, like other social media platforms, evolves at breakneck speed, making it difficult to stay on top of everything.

The improvements that have been implemented in recent years have changed things a little, as have the strategies and methods for gaining new followers and increasing interaction.

  1. Make Use of the Reels

Reels are a relatively new feature that Instagram is heavily promoting. Because of their high prominence, if you don’t use them this year, you’ll be missing out on a terrific opportunity to get free Instagram likes and new followers.

The Reels are a shameless TikTok rip-off: 60-second videos with nearly limitless editing options and a high chance of becoming viral.

It’s all about being able to grab people’s attention and offer them intriguing stuff (not ballets).

Reels are shared in Explore (and, if you choose, on your profile), and as a new feature, it’s vital to take use of the visibility it provides now, before Instagram makes another upgrade.

  1. Ensure that your profile is searchable.

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will drastically alter the platform.

The new feature (which is not yet accessible in Italy) will allow you to search for posts using keywords rather than hashtags.

It is critical to begin doing SEO and optimizing your profile in this regard if you want your posts to be found by individuals who are interested in your content.

To get your material found, you’ll need to include keywords in the post captions and employ other SEO strategies.

To make your profile more “searchable” by potential followers, I also propose that you improve your username and bio. If you want to have more likes for your posts, you can use Instagram auto liker.

  1. Use videos to your advantage

IGTV was a disappointment, and it was eventually relegated to the “video” category.

Videos, such as Reels, are the most popular format among users. After that, you can re-propose your direct or start a series on the same subject.

In addition to increasing interaction, the video format will eventually be monetizable, similar to how it is presently on Facebook.

  1. Create material that can be shared and saved.

Creating shareable and saveable content is one technique to gain more Instagram followers in 2022. People that share your content help to spread the word about your brand. People that save your posts make it easier for you to get into Explore. How? This is something I discussed in this article.

Create engaging material that is valuable to your audience, and the results will appear quickly. Is this an example of stuff that can be shared? Memes are everywhere.

I’ve always used them and will continue to do so because the results are consistently excellent. A little imagination is all that is required to achieve a satisfactory result. Because memes are so easy to spread, some businesses utilize them to pr