In reality, lucrative pay is one of the driving forces for individuals to stand by their positions. And if you want to thrive in your career, a reliable move to keep you on the pedestal is to earn a noteworthy certificate. And of course, the CompTIA certification is part of the most coveted endorsements among professionals in the field of information technology.

Below are some of the high-paying job roles CompTIA Security+ Practice Test extensive range of designations. For your reference, the figures presented in the list are obtained from PayScale as the latest average salary.

  • Security Consultant ― $84,514

Successful candidates of the CompTIA Network+ Practice Test are rewarded not just with a prestigious certificate but also with a variety of high-income jobs. Security consultants, in particular, are very much in demand in the actual employment market. These specialists are responsible for analyzing the entirety of the security systems and providing relevant actions to combat potential breaches.

  • Penetration Tester ― $87,436

Another top-notch position to pursue if you earn the Exam-Labs is a penetration tester. The certification itself demonstrates your capabilities in all phases of the penetration testing process, from planning to scoping to administering weaknesses within a system or a network. It also proves that you have mastery in vulnerability testing, along with the latest techniques and various tools. Moreover, such expertise is not just limited to the cloud but also covers web apps, as well as traditional on-premises, and customized systems.

  • Linux Administrator ― $76,270

Meanwhile, with the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 you are bound for a flourishing Linux Administrator career. This position is remarkably suitable among Linux pros because it largely covers the relevant Linux distributions and the enterprises that capitalize on Linux systems. Likewise, the appropriate CompTIA certification establishes your expertise in managing software and services, executing BASH scripts, evaluating system properties, and such. So, if you want to have an edge when applying for a job as well as enjoy higher benefits, add this qualification to your resume.

  • Cloud Engineer ― $91,409

Reinforce your comprehension as a savvy cloud engineer by attaining the CompTIA Cloud+. As a performance-focused IT certification, it proves your technical proficiency in cloud environments. Moreover, as a certified cloud engineer, you will have the right skills in scrutinizing various cloud models, optimizing cloud-based infrastructures, troubleshooting security issues, and maintaining servers. As well, you will be capable of providing core solutions to support business objectives.

  • Security Architect ― $125,531

Concerning security architects, they are further polished with the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 track. Achieving this validation means that you have advanced-level knowledge that allows you to lead and improve the security systems of your enterprise. In addition, your certification showcases your ability to expertly assess the current frameworks and design key security solutions.


All in all, if you have a stamp of approval from CompTIA, it means that you are equipped not just with the fundamental aspects but also can translate your skills into action. This is a pivotal factor when applying for a job or vying for a higher position in the organization. That’s because, along with your work experience and other practical training, employers keep an eye on these technical additions to your profile. So, if you want to advance your career and get a walloping amount on your paycheck, start your CompTIA certification path as early as today.