macOS is a powerful operating system with a wealth of features. However, many of these features are hidden away and not easy to find.

In this article, we will show you seven hidden macOS features that will make your life easier. These features include:

-The ability to password-protect individual files

-A more efficient way to view PDF files

-The ability to mute specific websites

-How to quickly find any file on your computer

-The ability to hidefiles from view

-A quick way to delete files and folders

-How to create PDFs from any document

macOS Ventura

If you’re looking for some new features to make your life easier, then you should Download macOS Ventura DMG for free.

Catalina includes a range of new features, such as the Sidecar feature, which allows you to use your iPad as a second screen. There is also the new Find My app, which helps you find your lost devices, and the updated Apple Music app, which makes it easier to find your favorite songs.

Catalina also includes a range of security updates, which will help keep your computer safe from hackers and malware. So download macOS Catalina today and see for yourself how it can make your life easier.

Get Access to the New iCloud Drive App

To access the new iCloud Drive app, open Finder and select iCloud Drive from the sidebar.

The new iCloud Drive app provides a more user-friendly way to access your iCloud files. 

It includes a search bar so you can quickly find the file you need, and it displays your files in a hierarchical structure so you can easily find the folder you need.

The new iCloud Drive app also allows you to share files with other people. To share a file, just select the file and then click the Share button. You can then enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the file with, or you can share the file using a link.

Enjoy Improved Performance With Metal 2

With Metal 2, macOS has become even faster and more efficient.

This new API makes it easier for developers to create high-performance apps that take full advantage of your computer’s hardware. As a result, you can enjoy improved performance and faster loading times.

Metal 2 also provides better security for your data and devices. It safeguards against buffer overflows and other common vulnerabilities, making your computer safer to use.

On macos catalina you will get metal 2 with more advanced option that you can use on your mac Download macOS Catalina DMG.

Take Advantage of Touch Bar Support

The Touch Bar is a great addition to macOS, and there are a lot of things you can do with it. For example, you can use it to quickly access your favorite apps, control your music, or adjust your settings.

You can also use the Touch Bar to take advantage of some hidden features in macOS mojave. For example, did you know that you can use the Touch Bar to quickly switch between tabs in Safari? Or that you can use it to adjust the volume of your Mac?

There are a lot of great things you can do with the Touch Bar, so be sure to take advantage of it! Download macOS Mojave ISO now to get most out of it.

Use the New Photos App to Manage Your Images

The Photos app is a powerful image management tool that can help you organize your photos and videos. 

The app can automatically detect people, places, and things in your photos and create smart albums for you. You can also use the app to create slideshows, books, and prints.


You may know about some of these hidden features, but we’re betting there are a few that you don’t. 

So, the next time you sit down at your Mac, take some time to explore these features and see how they can make your life a little bit easier.