Make an understudy Brilliant Record so that next time you join your instructor’s class, it’s simpler and speedier to do! At the point when you make a record and sign in , saves your screen name and a rundown of the classes you sign in to.

Having a Shrewd Record likewise allows you to get to examples your educator imparts to you beyond class time.

To set up a Shrewd Record as an understudy

In an internet browser, go to


Picture of the welcome screen at with the “Sign in” button chose
The welcome screen shows up.

Picture of the Brilliant record arrangement screen with two buttons to pick between “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Microsoft”
Select either a Google or Microsoft account, contingent upon the caring your school gives.

Account type



Select Sign in with Google.

The Google account discourse opens.

Picture of Google’s “Pick a record” exchange with recently utilized accounts recorded close by “utilize another record”
Select your school email address from the rundown of records or tap Utilize another record and enter your school email and secret phrase.


Select Sign in with Microsoft.

The Microsoft sign in page opens.

Picture in the event that Microsoft’s sign-in idalog with the choices to sign in or make a record
Enter your school email and secret phrase and snap Sign In.

After you sign in to your Google or Microsoft account, the following screen requests that you give a fundamental data to setting up your Shrewd Record.

Finish up the necessary data, consent to the terms of purpose, and afterward tap Finish.

The Join your class exchange shows up.

picture of “Join your class” exchange with a field for composing in the class ID
Type the class ID into the text box and tap Join.

In the event that your educator has begun an illustration, it shows up on your gadget.

Or then again

On the off chance that your instructor hasn’t begun an example yet, the understudy campaign shows up.