Ready Mix Concrete:

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or are a builder building a house, there is no question that during both scenarios, a heightened or flat foundation cannot be made without concrete. Concrete is an eco-friendly material that produces structure, power and durability. Moreover, it can be easily moulded into form, making it the most flexible and crucial for construction.

Thanks to modernisation and improvements, and lots to the relief of all builders and contractors, today we’ve Ready Mix Concrete. Ready Mix concrete or premixed concrete is a new and exact addition to the development scope that averts the overhead charges of labour and raw materials by handing over ready-made concrete to the site for fast use. Ready mix concrete is ready in a controlled environment at batching plants or on-the-road mixers with high specifications and equipment consistent with the customised choices of customers. Solid Mix Concrete is a leading Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers, and you may believe us to get the top and best concrete.

Not only is it ready to mix concrete fire and heat-resistant things and presents a crack-free texture, but it’s also mainly flexible. It can be used for various tasks, including civil engineering (roads and highways), home renovation, patios, driveways, industrial and commercial homes, etc.

Can You Prepare Ready Mix Concrete Yourself?

Like you, many other homeowners desire to take their loft safety as a DIY project. However, they must learn that a premium concrete-like ready mix can be prepared manually. Ready-mix concrete calls for something other than high-quality raw materials in an exact ratio. If the combined substances cross haywire, you will emerge as wasting the entire batch, your money on resources and valuable time. Moreover, you may also want to hire extra labour and accommodate a storage area to combine the mixture! Most importantly, it would be best to have a mixer as ready-mix concrete cannot be organised by a wheelbarrow. You will make investments heavily in a batching unit or mixers!

Does all of that sound like a high amount of a problem? If so, you can honestly avoid it and hire the expert and professional services of Solid Mix Concrete at low-cost fees. Our very-purposeful mixers and urban pumps will comfort the whole system for you on time. We offer an equal and efficient service for construction sites as well. Do you still need more time? Please scroll down to learn how our automated equipment can keep your day.

Concrete Mixers and Pumps:

Don’t make a two-hour job a two-day lengthy process, mainly on the threat of the concrete getting hard. For residential, civil or industrial construction, right here’s how we will assist:

Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers
Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers


We have already stated that ready-mix concrete cannot be hand-raised. If you require good work and accuracy, then mixers are your best and handiest choice. But concrete pumps even have a vital role to play. A concrete pump will frivolously spread ready-mix concrete across the site without waste or mess.


Suppose your work involves pouring ready-mix concrete at an extended peak or across the road at a far-flung site. In such an instance, you may use Solid Mix Concrete’s Boom concrete pumps to deliver concrete to the desired locations effortlessly. Our concrete pumps can reach wherein your professional labours and hired manpower won’t!


We are sure every construction task comes with a decent schedule and closing date. Thus, without any 2nd mind, you need to lease our ready-mix concrete mixers for quick and timely transport and our concrete pumps as they could speedily pour concrete faster than manually.

Reduced Labour:

Even though wheelbarrows and pouring concrete by hand have been an old culture, it calls for remarkable muscle tissues and talent to complete the activity perfectly. With the look of working equipment, why put so much cash and effort? Whether your site is in Surrey, Kent or London, our advanced equipment will reach and be a valuable resource for your project, supervised by professional personnel.

Reliable Suppliers:

Hiring experienced and renowned ready-mix concrete suppliers is continually secure and smart for any construction activity, massive or small. And with 25 years of enterprise experience, a 99% buyer pleasure charge, tonnes of concrete delivery data, and records, you may vest your faith in Solid Mix Concrete!

Are you seeking out well-timed delivery? Or probably a working fleet of volumetric mixers and urban pumps? Or from dry to wet ready-mix concrete? At Solid Mix Concrete, we cater to all your requirements. With our 24/7 premium good service at budget-friendly prices, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our prices are affordable; Concrete Pumping service in Essex is first-class, top-rate and unequalled.