In this age of technology, cloud storage service has become the most efficient way of storing voluminous data online. It is cost-effective, scalable and has a wide storage space capacity. Currently, various cloud storage service providers are available for every kind of business in the market. MS OneDrive for business is one of them.

OneDrive is a Microsoft operating file hosting service that allows you to store, synchronize and share files online.

In this article, we will discuss what OneDrive for business is? Why is OneDrive not the best cloud-based solution for large scale organizations? Based on limitations, what are its better alternatives?

Microsoft OneDrive: An Overview.

Let’s have a look at the brief history of OneDrive first.

Initially, OneDrive was launched in August 2007, and was known as Windows Live SkyDrive. At that time, it was only available for 38 countries, but later expanded to 62. Its storage capacity was upgraded from 5 GB to 25 GB the following year.

With time, multiple updates were done to enhance its overall performance. In 2013, after the joint press release between Sky and Microsoft, it was decided to change its name to OneDrive.

So, what is OneDrive?

OneDrive is the personal cloud storage platform that enables you to store your files in one place with 5 GB of free storage capacity, share your files with anyone anytime. More importantly, it creates a backup for each file so that you can access them from any device anywhere without fear of losing it.

But when it comes to privacy or security concerns and unlimited storage capacity, OneDrive is not an appropriate option for most large-scale organizations.

Here, OneDrive for Business comes into play.

All About Microsoft OneDrive for Business:

Microsoft OneDrive for business is an online cloud storage service specially designed for large scale organizations and enterprises. Its remarkable features provide major benefits to its users.

It offers you a storage capacity of 1 TB and can increase up to 5TB as per your requirement. All your uploaded files are end-to-end encrypted, and password protected. You can share your important documents securely with your project partners inside and outside the organization via direct access or expiry links.

With all these benefits mentioned above, OneDrive for Business is still not an ideal platform for securely handling and managing sensitive, confidential data such as digital evidence files.

Why Should You Look for OneDrive Alternatives?

OneDrive for business is an excellent cloud-based solution for most organizations but in some cases, its capabilities might fall short of fulfilling all your business tasks especially when handling digital files. For example, you cannot edit and highlight any significant part in your digital files. It does not support larger files over 15GB. Moreover, it is only integrated with Azure AD in terms of SSO integration, but it lacks third-party integrations such as IAM services.

On top of that OneDrive does not offer features based on artificial intelligence services.

Best OneDrive Alternatives:

You must be wondering, if not OneDrive then what other options are available?

If you want to switch to more secure and better cloud hosting platforms instead of OneDrive, then you should have a sound knowledge of its alternatives. You can go with multiple alternatives as per your needs, a few of which are listed below based on this article we found on OneDrive Alternatives:


VIDIZMO provides an IDC Marketspace recognized Digital Evidence Management System, that enables law enforcement agencies and other organizations to ingest, store, analyze, and share digital evidence securely. It is trusted for its secure sharing of highly confidential data, AI-based features such as automatic detection and redaction of personally identifiable information, automatic transcription, and translation of digital files and much more.

Sync is growing faster and becoming popular nowadays, as it is designed to protect the privacy of your files along with secure sharing options. It is a file hosting platform that offers secure personal and private files storage with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, custom passwords, etc.

PCloud is secure and easy to use cloud storage platform with various features such as 2TB storage capacity, compatible with all devices, automated integration with other file hosting services like Dropbox, built in media player, smart security features etc.

However, the list does not end here. There are plenty more contenders in the market, including Dropbox and Google Drive.