With advanced technology, there are hundreds of online casino websites on the internet where players can try their luck. The introduction of numerous online casino sites translates to vast competition for customers. Every casino keeps introducing new kinds of bonuses and promotions to attract new players. If you are new to online casinos and probably interested in joining one shortly, then you ought to know the possible bonuses and promotions you stand to gain by playing online casino games. Different bonuses are designed to motivate you to become a regular player. But with so many bonuses everywhere, how do you choose a given casino? Below are the types of online casino promotions to take advantage of when playing online casinos.

Referral bonuses

 A referral is one of the marketing strategies for online casinos. For instance, Hold’em (홀덤) players who spread the word on their behalf and introduce new players to the platform stand a chance to earn referral bonuses. Every time players share their link to reach out to new potential users who make a deposit stand a chance to earn a monetary reward in the form of a bonus. However, what you need to know about these types of rewards is that they are not very common and thus are only offered by a few casinos that offer referral bonuses.

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus is one of the most common offers that cut across most online casinos. Depending on the casino, you are likely to get up to double the money of your first deposit after first joining the site. However, the amount varies depending based on the casino you are using, with some casinos providing up to 500% in bonuses.

Free spin bonuses

When newly introduced, slot machines are usually granted as promotions. However, some casinos will extend and offer them to new players as well. Although the free bonus will grant you a limited number of free spins you can use when playing without spending a single cent. Most casinos offer free spin bonuses but with a different approach. But what you need to know is that the bonuses will always come with higher wagering requirements.

Deposit bonuses

Some online casinos have also introduced deposit bonuses as a way of motivating new players to join online casinos. Unlike other bonuses, this offer will give you a multiple of the deposit after opening an account. 

Loyalty bonuses

When you reach certain milestones while playing your favorite casino games, you stand a chance to earn a loyalty bonus. Loyalty bonuses are given to reward long-time casino members. Loyalty bonuses come in all shapes and sizes depending on various factors related to players’ actions. If a player spends a lot of money in the casino, the casino will reward them with something. Such rewards may include; loyalty points that can be converted to wagering credits, Level-up systems bonuses that you earn when they reach a new level in the casino, and challenges bonuses where you earn something when you succeed in a mission.


Online casinos come with all kinds of bonuses. While most sites will offer hefty welcome bonuses, a few of them, like Hold’em (홀덤), are determined to reward loyal players. Therefore, you should plan to join online if you want to increase your chances of winning.