Scientific evolution has led to the rise of new products in various industries, and one of the industries experiencing the benefits is the CBD industry. There has been a rise in new CBD products in the market. One of them is HHC, which was discovered over 70 years ago by Rodger Adams, but the production began in recent years after further refinement in the manufacturing process.

You may have heard of it, and if not, you need to understand some facts about it. There is a lot of information about HHC on various platforms; however, some may not be true. Therefore, this article enlightens you to ensure you do not become a victim of disinformation. 

What is HHC?


HHC also referred to as hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the latest forms of THC. It is unique due to the additional hydrogen molecule added during processing. The hydrogen gets added to the HHC through a process called hydrogenation. HHC gets extracted from the CBD hemp plant; however, it is unique due to the added hydrogen molecule. 

The additional hydrogen molecule makes it different from other forms of THC, such as Delta 8. It also makes it more stable than other hemp-derived cannabinoids. The stability makes it durable and can last longer without quality deterioration issues and challenges. 

The manufacturing process consists of various stages, with the first being CBD from the hemp plant. The CBD then undergoes different chemical and laboratory processes, including hydrogenation.

 The manufacturing process has also led to it being classified as a semi-synthetic cannabinoid since it contains organic and inorganic ingredients. Therefore, when you use it, you can get high depending on the dosage. However, the high effect is not as high as other THC forms such as Delta 9.

Is HHC safe?

One of the challenges in determining the safety of HHC is the challenge faced by recent cannabinoids; there is limited research to help arrive at a safe conclusion. This calls for the need to rely on evidence from manufacturers, reviews, and other sources of information. Many people are using the product with no side effects; however, there are a few adverse effects. The adverse side effects mainly arise due to product overdose. Therefore, there is a need to exercise relevant caution while using this product.

Why try out HHC?

Some people claim that HHC does not appear during a drug test. Once you consume it, the body does not produce any metabolite that drug tests can detect. Still, there are no studies to confirm this, but you can use it instead of other CBD products.

Despite the difference from other CBD products, it offers benefits similar to other CBD products. For example, it can boost moods, induce relaxation, mental stimulation, and many more. You can also use it for other medical needs such as pain relief, anxiety relief, appetite stimulation, and dealing with sleep challenges. 

Is HHC effective?

The potency of HHC is still questionable since there are few reviews and testimonies about it. But when you take it, you are likely to feel the THC buzz. It contains two molecules, active and inactive. According to the scientific backing, the active molecules must be more than the inactive; however, the inactive molecules in HHC are more than the active. This has raised questions about its potency. This has led to the conclusion that its effectiveness and potency vary due to the molecular composition. Some people admit that it is perfect for pain, anxiety relief, and energy boost. 

Is HHC legal?

No clear guidelines state that it is legal; therefore, the legality is because hemp production is legal and it happens to be a product of hemp. It also contains less than 3% of THC, making it legal. There are those who argue that it is illegal to refer to it as a partially synthetic product hence not legalized according to various laws and acts. The subject of legality remains contested and debated, just like its safety and many more details about it. 

Another concern about its legality is that it is derived from THC. The recent ban of Delta 8 THC in most states further increases questions about its legality. However, users can trust it because it is a milder version of THC.

Side effects of HHC

There are no studies to confirm the side effects of HHC; however, the side effects are similar to those of THC. You can experience the side effects when you overdose, leading to effects such as dry mouth, increased heart rate, confusion, anxiety, and many more. Severe overdose cases can lead to death. It also has effects on appetite. It can be an appetite stimulant; however, an overdose can lead to excessive appetite. 

Forms of HHC available in the market

There are various products of HHC available for you. 

HHC Vapes

Vapes are one of the most convenient ways to consume CBD; therefore, you will likely get HHC vape oil and juices for sale. 


There are already HHC tinctures available for purchase. You can use it to prepare HHC edibles or have them without any additions.

HHC Gummies

For those who love something to chew, the HHC gummies are the most convenient means to take HHC. There are already different HHC gummies available in the market.

Where can I find HHC?

Unlike other forms of CBD or THC, HHC is not very popular. Sometimes you may not find it in the nearest shop because it is less popular and few recognize it. You will have to look for some exclusive shops to get it. Perhaps the best way to get it without much struggle is to order from online dealers. 

The Bottom Line


HHC is still a new product, one with various controversies surrounding it. You can trust it to help with your needs; however, you need to research whether it can resolve your problem before purchasing it. As much as it is not dangerous as other THC products, you need to be cautious when using it to avoid overdose.