Test Bank has generally considered electronic testing resources uploaded by professionals and lectures for academic teaching. Moreover, the test bank comprises multiple questions along with past papers that can help the student be updated about current exam patterns and what changes have been made so far. 

Test bank initially helps the student to practice for the exams. Students can cover a lot of content quickly, with careful explanations for each wrong answer and different notes to prepare for the exam.

Classification of Questions in Test Bank

There is a particular format and number of questions you are required to attempt. You will surely not pass the exam if you don’t achieve the desired. The question is categorized as multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, true and false, and much more to practice. Just practice the topic and solve the different types of questions.

Total Number of Questions in the Test Bank

There are 100 questions included as part of nursing test banks. These are:

  1. Reasoning Ability: 35 objective questions.
  2. English language: 30 questions to solve.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude: Remaining  35 questions to solve.

Types of Test Bank

There are multiple categories of Test Bank, which are curated below:

  • Biological Test Bank

The very first test bank is related to biological tests. This test includes notes, multiple practice questions, and other content that can help you score excellent grades on the exam.

  • Pharmacology Test Bank

Pharmacology is the reaction of drugs to the biological system of human beings and their lifestyles. It tells about the reaction of drugs. So basically, this test bank includes a wide range of topics and multiple questions included in the test bank.

  • Medical Assistant Test Bank

Medical assistance is a wide band that comprises the general category, clinical, and other administrative classes. Moreover, it deals with physiology, anatomy, and other topics that are part of their medical assistance.

  • Nursing Test Bank

Another famous and oldest test bank is a nursing test bank with different types of questions. It contains approximately 6500 questions.

  • Social Science Test Bank

Another critical test bank is the social science test bank. Social science deals with human societies and their relationship with people.

  • Nutrition Test Bank

The nutrition bank is associated with a biochemical and physiological process in which the organisms rely on food for survival. The only food source for the microorganisms is the food the people consume, which is used to convert into energy with the help of specific chemical structures. It is an essential part of the test bank, and there are multiple papers and past questions that will help you achieve good grades.

  • Pathophysiology Test Bank

Last, we have  Pathophysiology, a combination of pathology and physiology. Students usually study physiological processes that are not combed, which may result in some sort of disease or injuries, students are required to study this, and they can use a test bank.

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