Whenever you invest a lot of money in something, you evidently expect it to have a long-lasting period. So, do Tufina watches guarantee the long-lasting quality? A Tufina watch is not cheap when compared to the wide spectrum of prices of wristwatches. It stands somewhere in the middle when it comes to prices. Of course, there exist much more expensive alternatives. However, I believe that the quality justifies the price. With the price tag of a Tufina watch, you instinctively expect impressive build quality and long-lasting durability. And it does. Tufina is a watch brand that strives continuously for excellence. It is not a company about revolution, more so evolution. Tufina takes small but constant steps toward the path of improving and perfecting its quality. Seeing the work they have done in the past decades, you can easily say that they have done a great job doing so. Something noteworthy about Tufina is that in the past years, they have been focusing on improving their watches and keeping the same look they have when they are brand new, years later. And they have successfully achieved it.

How long will a Tufina watch last?

Though there is no exact answer to this question, I can assure you of one thing, a Tufina watch can last for generations. 

There are many horologists and lovers of watches that collect different types of watches, among which, Tufina watches too. I have discovered that many of the collected watches are from the 1990s or even older than that going back to the 1980s. What is astonishing is that they are perfectly functioning too.

A Tufina watch is eternal, truly. There exists a difference between only having a watch and having a watch that functions and performs while still keeping a good time.

A Tufina watch is part of the mechanical pieces of engineering, and like any type of mechanical piece, it needs to be looked after to function accurately.

When talking movements, Tufina is widely recognized for making sturdy workhorses that persist on ticking year after year. I know people who have had a Tufina watch for five or even ten years on their wrists without the need to have its services, and still, it is keeping a superb time. 

You can always repair and service

The amazing thing about a Tufina watch is that if it has stopped working, you can easily take it to a watchmaker who gets watches fixed (Tufina has their body repair shop) and the watch will start running again. Even though it might be close to 50 years old or 20 years old. A Tufina movement can nearly always be fixed. The nearly stands for the cases when it cannot be fixed like during the times the watch is painfully decayed, where it would be much cheaper to entirely replace the whole movement.

A Tufina watch is functional even with a crummy bezel, and an overaged dial, but in case the movement is not serviced when needed, the watch will eventually stop working.

Bottom line: If a Tufina watch is serviced regularly, or when needed, there is no limitation to how long the Tufina watch will last. It can last a lifetime. This is what transforms a Tufina watch into an amazing heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to another.

In conclusion

So how long does a Tufina watch last? 

The answer to it is that if accordingly serviced, it will last forever.

If you are a simple user of a Tufina watch and do not mistreat it in any way, then that watch will most likely be working in order and lasting you from fifteen to twenty years. The biggest effect on your Tufina watch’s longevity is the way you use it. If the movement is exposed to stress it will quickly be worn. If taken proper care of, only used a few times a week, and not exposed to shocks or extreme temperature changes, the Tufina watch will be lasting for a couple of decades. Nevertheless, if the watch is worn while swimming, bicycling, or even playing basketball, normally the movement will be worn quicker. 

The changes that happen with the movement over time, no matter the way you wear your watch, are that the mainspring wears out and the lubricant dries out. Once the lubricant dries out, the movement suffers damage in turn because there will be more friction on the parts. This, however, means that a watchmaker (preferably the Tufina repair shop ones, who know how to manage the watch and have every information on how it was made) will need to replace parts when finally services as they have worn out.