The Planters Group’s design and installation teams are experts in making custom, “turnkey” solutions for all of the UAE’s landscaping needs, both inside and out. Technicians who are highly qualified and who go through ongoing training to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date so they can help each client from the beginning of the design process all the way through installation and ongoing maintenance. They take care of plants both inside and outside, making sure that landscapes and personal spaces are taken care of by people who love plants and landscaping. 

The goal is to always ensure service excellence in developing interior and exterior landscapes to perfection, as the entire team is driven by service and replacement promises that are ingrained in all they do.

The Planters’ professional dream team is both friendly and good at what they do. They believe in being honest and making sure customers are happy. You won’t be let down at any point throughout the process. 

Award-winning landscapes

Using live plants, teams of experts can create award-winning landscapes for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Customers like that the store has a wide range of fake and preserved plants that can be used to make comfortable and healthy spaces.

With Planters’ industry-leading green wall technology, you can add a water-efficient, natural environment to your building. This will make sure that your architectural goals to change your environment come true.

Planters’ plant container factory in Dubai gives them the chance to show off unique designs and color combinations that go well with any landscape design.

Planters have won multiple awards from the British Association of Landscape Industries for their work in the GCC, which includes installations in corporate offices, hotels and hospitality, retail, government, and residential buildings.

Planter’s Mission

The goal is to give customers the best professional plant maintenance service and the highest quality and most unique landscaping solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This goal is being pursued by the Planters Group, which presents the most creative landscaping designs to complement people’s strong desire to re-establish a connection with plants and wildlife in urban settings. We must make a big difference in “greening” cities if we want to make people happier and the environment last longer.

Integrity is an important value because it raises the bar and shows that Planters Group is a cut above the rest. Dynamic teamwork is affected by working as one unit, acting with integrity, morality, and fairness, and fostering positive working relationships in a productive workplace where every team member and client is valued.

Creativity and innovation are always used in the services offered and the solutions suggested – the same is true for problem-solving. Planters Group is committed to providing clients with great quality while remaining laser-focused is the secret to success.

They surpass expectations because clients’ needs are always met and, whenever possible, surpassed, and because “good enough” is never good enough.

The Planters team is made up of individuals with a sincere enthusiasm for plants, landscapes, and how they affect clients’ health, happiness, and well-being. Exceptional customer service is valued above all, with cutting-edge goods and a can-do, upbeat attitude both at work and at home.