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Dating applications? Coronavirus? A worldwide temperature alteration? Dating has never been more enthusiastically.

This site is Colin O’Brien’s certified endeavor to meet new individuals and go on more dates.

Colin loves a decent bit, but on the other hand he’s a genuine individual searching for somebody to impart his life to.

By day he delivers theater with the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival and works his own private company for side undertakings. He and his companion AJ plan a yearly Christmas celebration. Colin loves to peruse and watch motion pictures. He’s preparation for a long distance race with his companion McKenzie, however he likewise has an inclination for shoddy nourishment. Simply on the off chance that that is not exactly enough for you, he’s running after a MBA at Saint Louis University also.

Keep in mind, this site is all in acceptable fun. On the off chance that you think you’d appreciate meeting Colin visit the “start a discussion” page and reach out!