Cyber Security

The field cybersecurity deals with the combined security level of all devices connected to internet, website and application security since we have to concentrate in various fields of IT industry, we must have very deep and clear knowledge about the following entities.

  • Mobile Security
  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Internet of things Security
  • Data Security 

In a country like India the necessity for Cyber security professional grows rapidly with the growth and implementation of technology.

Mobile Security

The undeniable security that each and everyone in the society should know is the mobile security it has been a real hardship to save the mobiles from cyber-attacks. The most of the users doesn’t even know what is a malware and the trouble caused by the same. The mobile security breach in India is real trouble for the users and they must be aware how to deal with malware and anonymous links that is designed entirely to compromise the mobile. The mobile based security breaches increase 75% in the year of 2021 rather than the year of 2020.

Application Security

The application security falls next in the queue of cybersecurity. App security is defined with trusting the source of installation of application. In most of the situation people don’t even care about the result of installation of an App by installing an App it may compromise your device and sometime your entire network by entering in to single device the common ransomware attack is one of the attacks which is fabricated with the application the hidden coding in the application will lead to the serious disaster of the data or entire network last year due to this kind of attack the financial sector losses is 38% higher in the year 2021 comparing to the previous year.

Network Security

The network security is important factor that we have to deal in the area of cybersecurity larger the size of the population larger is the number of devices and the connections in the network the network security is much more important in this size of valid devices we have to concentrate in the size and configuration of the network there should be more reliable sources in the network and the design of network should be done in keeping mind the security of network and in future if there is any expansion in the network one should be able to expand it easily without any compromise in the design or security. Due to various network breaches India incurred a loss of more than 3 million U.S dollars in 2021when it is compared to last year.

IoT Security

Internet of things the latest and commonly evolving technology in these days home automation is a part of this technology think about the technical value and security value that we have to give to this kind of technology where there is an ultimate chance of data breach which will result in disastrous loss of data and money if a hacker is able to compromise a network connected IoT device then the entire network will be disabled and the loss incurred will be greater than the regular type of breach the whole data loss will be taken account if a hacker compromise a home which is connected with IoT then there will be surely loss in the data, wealth and other devices connected in the same network. If there is a server connected to the entire system of IoT then the loss of data and money will be ultimate. Since it is a latest technology evolving in the industry there must be detailed study of this technology is very important. So even cybersecurity professionals must have to take a keen look towards IoT technology.

Data Security 

The Top Cyber Security certification is the data security all the above attacks were planned to steal the valuable data of the user from the corporates and to make money from them and it will happen with the individuals these days. cyber security course in coimbatore

The Most Remembered Data Breaches of India In the year of 2021 

  • Domino’s India data breach
  • Juspay data breach
  • Police Exam Database breach
  • COVID-19 Results Database breach
  • MobiKwik data breach 
  • Upstox data breach 
  • Air India data breach
  • CAT data breach 
  • Money control India’s data breach
  • Unacademy data breach 

The above mentioned were commonly known incidents in India in which the above-mentioned companies suffered a loss of 145 million INR. In world wide this even more cost a really alarming range such as data breach in Facebook in which there is a loss of data nearly 53 million users suffered this kind of loss and this is nearly a disaster in the field of data security even the top giant like Facebook faced such kind of data breach. Other than Facebook some great companies also suffered data breaches in the year 2021.

Some of the Corporates which Suffered Data breach loss World wide 

  • Ubiquiti.
  • Clubhouse.
  • USCellular.
  • Robinhood.
  • Twitch.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Panasonic.
  • GoDaddy.

Hence data is the most valued entity we have to provide a great security to data. The ultimate goal of a hacker is to create chaos and steal money.


 Since India stepped in to the digital age and growth of the technology is rapid there is a large scope for cybersecurity professionals in India. In future there will be more attacks towards the above-mentioned entities hence to secure them properly the necessity of Cybersecurity professional is must. cyber security course in trichy