Corrugated plastic is used in various fields. It is widely applied not only for making coroplast signs. For example, different packaging is made of it. Outdoor advertising manufacturers have already appreciated its characteristics. The main advantage of the material is its very low price, compared to other types of raw materials, chosen for the production of signs.

What is corrugated plastic? It is a sheet product that is made from polypropylene. Yes, it's plastic. But

why is it called corrugated? This is due to its structure. 2 sheets of plastic are interconnected with a zigzag layer of the same polypropylene. The result is an increase in the degree of rigidity of the finished material. It is not easy to bend it, that is, it is difficult to spoil its integrity.

Modern production is able to offer modified corrugated plastic. In the process of making such a material, additional components are added to it. As a result, the characteristics of the finished product
are improved. For example, resistance to sunlight increases, the degree of resistance to fire increases, and anti-static benefits appear.

By the way, this material is also called plastic cardboard. Why is the word "cardboard" present? This
question can be answered in a similar way as in the case of the corrugated material question. Cardboard also has the same structure. But it loses a lot to corrugated plastic in terms of strength, because the cardboard is made of cellulose. Paper cannot be stronger than plastic – that's a fact!

Benefits of plastic cardboard signage

Due to the many advantages of the plastic cardboard itself, one can single out the main advantages of
coroplast signs with grommets or other signs in terms of design, in the manufacture of which this material was used.

1. Lightweight. Coroplast actually weighs very little. Accordingly, lightweight signs are made from it. This is very important for users. It is not always possible to order transportation, install of heavy advertising structures. And plastic cardboard signs are easy to transfer and install on their own anywhere.

2. You can make signs of different design. This is true. Coroplast can be used to make a signboard or
insert for a-frame construction. The material is suitable for making lawn signs or signboards for realtors.

There are many options.

3. Attractive features. Corrugated plastic is strong enough. Under the sun, rain, it does not deteriorate.
It can be used outdoors. The material can be washed. He is also not afraid of contact with moisture.

4. Simple handling. Sign makers prefer to choose this material for its ease and speed of processing. No
powerful cutting equipment is required. There is no need to hire craftsmen who will work on such equipment.

The main advantage of coroplast is its low cost. This material is inexpensive. This fact attracts not only customers. Outdoor advertising manufacturers are happy to offer this material, as they know about all its advantageous features. It can be used to make inexpensive signs that will appeal to customers for
both quality and price.